Zendesk app hangs / freezes after signing in / get stucks on login

(Scott Markovits) #1

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My problem is that …

***Setup of the Zendesk app yesterday and used it all day without issue. This morning, click ZD and was prompted to login as expected. However, it got stuck/froze on the process of signing in and stuck on a blank white page. I’m unable to do anything or click on anything. [Home option]

I opened a sub page for Zendesk and that works perfectly. [New page option]

Now after testing, if I open the [Home] ZD option in a new window and then close the window it fixes the issue (in the main station portal)
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  • :gun: Trigger β€”
    Opening ZD and signing in after an overnight period

  • :boom: Issue β€”

ZD home tab freezes/gets stuck after signing in. Had to open as a separate window and then close to get it working

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Too late for a video but screenshot of the blank page http://prntscr.com/lnxbt3

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1.0.30 - http://prntscr.com/lnxdb6

Zendesk chat not allowing to login
Zendesk app not working
(Jules Goullee) #2

The issue I’m facing is:
When I add zendesk it’s working, I close station and relaunch I get 404 google page

Here’s the detailed report

(Amir Give'on) #3

The zendesk chat app is not letting me login (claiming login incorrect). I checked on browser and it is correct. I have a feeling it is not logging me into the right chat account. Any idea what is going on?