Wunderlist is not working / displays a blank screen

I am also experiencing the same issue. Choosing Wunderlist results in a blank page.

Just discovered Station and disappointed to find this issue when I tried to add Wunderlist. Dealbreaker for my team, so we’ll have to search for an alternative if it isn’t fixed. Any updates?

Hey Georges,

can you get us an update regarding the wunderlist issue? It is getting really annoying meanwhile.

Hey guys
It’s been over 2 months ago since this was reported and over a month ago since you came with any feedback. Can you come with an update anytime soon on this issue.
I have been using Station for a while, but I also use Wunderlist everyday so this is a dealbreaker for me if it is not fixed anytime soon

I’m also soooooooooooooo waiting for a solution for this, at least as any updates :frowning:

The new updated version 1.41.1 doesn’t seem to fix this issue for me.

Still nothing guys? I am sorry, but I have waited long enough now, still with no update or anything.
I am moving on to something else