Workday Setup

The Workday app setup brings users to This is a page in which Workday allows you type in your company name to get the designated URL for that instance (tenant) of Workday. Unfortunately, this page does not appear to work for most organizations and when I, as the company contact for my organization, opened a case with Workday about this issue, they indicated that the page would be decommissioned due to security concerns. It would be nice if we could type in the URL of the Workday tenant which come in the form of:


Can this setup process be changed for the Worday app?

See comments from Workday Support:

Please note that as part of Workday’s ongoing efforts to increase security, Workday has decided to remove this option from the website to reduce potentially unwanted attempts to access your Workday homepage. Due to this, we are unable to complete your request.

Detailed information can be found at: