Widevine / DRM support for protected content playback (used for Spotify, Netflix, ...)

Please can you enable widevine/DRM content support?

Useful for things like video playback, Spotify web player etc.

Currently unable to add Spotify because protected content is not enabled in electron.

More info here (assuming you use electron):

Please add this support, I need too Spotify player

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My problem is that when I try to use the netflix app it writes there is an error loading its resources.

An image of the error has been attached.

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Has anyone got a solution to this yet? I’m having the same problem.

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Bump! I just found this program and I am in LOVE! Please this feature would be amazing. One of the most incredible “brings-it-all-together” (literally) programs that I appreciate so much! Spotify would make it just that much more incredible!

This is still a thing. Spotify is on my daily-in-use list of tools on my work- and private-computer. Please do something about it.

I couldn’t get this to work, so I put down the $5 for Clicker for Mac. https://www.dbklabs.com/clicker-for-netflix/

I vote for this! Basically I joined community to support this idea.
So, please, very please, add DRM Running spotify within Station would be great! As long as Staion supports media buttons, I can use them in other music app (Mixcloud, that I added by URL) it could be also distraction free all-purpose web app integrator.

DRM for our music apps please!


We have moved to a new community, you can now follow this topics here:https://station.canny.io/admin/board/feature-requests/p/widevine-drm-support-for-protected-content-playback-used-for-spotifynetflix