Why are my Quick-Switch settings empty? / Nothing is displayed in the Quick-Switch settings

:writing_hand: Brief description of the issue

When navigating to Preferences > Quick-Switch it displays nothing. See screenshot.

:warning: Mandatory details

I was uncertain if this was a bug or just wasn’t a feature, as I’ve never seen anything in this area of settings!

Hey @antonybearpark & @wouterlanduydt,

This is normal behavior when you don’t have any Google Drive account logged in Station as the only setting currently available concerns Gdrive.

This is indeed quite misleading we surely have to add a message there instead of the emptiness :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for pointing this out!

This is definitely misleading for new users. Please, add some message.

Can we have a setting to change the hotkey for quick-switch? As it emulates cmd+tab for mac users, I want to change it to option+tab instead of ctrl+tab, which is a super awkward hotkey that forces you to remove your hands from the typing position.