Whatsapp - Phone not connected


This isn’t an issue with Station but I was hoping I could get an answer on the community.

I use whatsapp with station and what happens is after a few moments, something happens on my android phone that kills whatsapp on the phone or disconnects the WiFi in the background, so it makes it appear that Whatsapp web cannot connect with my phone.

I use a OnePlus5 with Android Version 9 and OxygenOS version 9.0.6. I have set whatsapp to ‘Do Not Optimise’ under Battery Optimization settings. I have also allowed unrestricted background data usage for whatsapp. I have also locked whatsapp process in the apps switcher so it doesn’t go out of memory.

I’m unable to find an option that would explicitly state to keep WiFi running when screen off.

Does anyone else face the same issue ?! Would be deeply grateful if someone could help.