WhatsApp media location


I was wondering where the WhatsApp media are loaded in the app? Is it in the app.asar ?
I got my phone stolen and as I’m a bit stupid, I didn’t have set some whatsApp backup… :confused:
So now when I log either in my phone app (of course) or in station, my media history of old conversation are blank…
I was hopping I could retrieve some of my media using station as it loads medias somewhere to show it in the app…

A bit specific request to the dev team, but I wold be really grateful !


quick tagging of the team to know if I can have some hope of achieving what I want or should just grieve my medias…
sorry for the ruthless method :slight_smile:

Hi @flashbacker, Station stores its cache the same as Chromium.
The cache folder location depends of your OS:

  • MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Station/Application Cache/Cache
  • Windows: %appdata%/station/Application Cache/Cache
  • Linux: ~/.config/Station/Application Cache/Cache

Once you’re there, the files are not readable as-is, and Chrome doesn’t even have a view anymore to see those files (so neither do we).
The only tool I could find is this one: https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/chrome_cache_view.html
but I haven’t tested it.

Hope you’ll get your files back!