WhatsApp is not working / "works with Google Chrome 36+" / stuck on Chrome update page


(Leo Siena) #128

I solved with another browser

(Serdar Paktin) #129

There’s no response to this issue, yet. And I still cannot use Whatsapp on Station.

(DevBytes) #130

Updating station worked for me

(Serdar Paktin) #131

You can see my specs three messages above, my version says “it is the updated version” so I cannot update it.

(DevBytes) #132

Hi @spak,
First i wish you a Happy 2019 :slight_smile:

I see that you have version 1.19.0 while version 1.35.0 is released.
If station doesn’t give you the option to update you could try to update it manually by downloading it from the website.

Let us know if this worked for you :wink:

(Serdar Paktin) #133

Hi, thanks for the wishes.
Happy new year!

It wasn’t updating it, so I deleted the app altogether and downloaded again. This finally fixed the issue for me. Thank you for your help!

(DevBytes) #134

No problem, Happy to help :wink:

(Nico S) #135

This is still not working.

Stationversion 1.39.1

(Thomas Boll) #136

WhatsApp works with Google Chrome 36+

whats the problem here ?