Web search engine inside Station (Google, Ecosia, DuckDuckGo, etc.)

(Jaehoon Lee) #1

SUMMARY (your need in one sentence)

It would be great if a user can search google and wikipedia inside Station (e.g., like Spotlight search on iPhone)! Keyboard shortcut will be also essential.

Thank you for developing such an awesome product. I really love Station!


How to open a website?
I'm a brand new user. How can I use Station "just" as browser ? Can I?
Internet search
Websearch ability
Search from ctrl+t menu
(Michael Riddering) #2

Agreed. Right now this is the primary thing holding me back from adopting Station. If I still have to keep Chrome open it doesn’t help as much.


(Erwann Laville) #3


Is it possible to have a tab for internet search ?

On my work, we do a lot of search on internet and we use a lot of site that (I think) can’t be add (like cadastre.gouv, https://applications.dgfip.finances.gouv.fr…)

Thank for your interest.


(Philippe Segers) #4

Dear Sir,

I’m a (French) brand new user.
More a kind of (old) beta tester, early adopter, ex developer.
How can I use Station “just” as browser ? Can I ?

Thanks a lot.


(Georges Abi-Heila) #5

Hey Philippe :wave:

Thanks for reaching out.
You unfortunately can’t do that. A more detailed explanation here: https://faq.getstation.com/applications-and-extensions/why-dont-you-allow-me-to-access-any-website

I’m curious though: what would be your use case? What would you like to do and why?


(Martin Josefsson) #6

I wish to see a search engine in Station who works with all services. I have already recommended one in the app store (Ecosia), but I wanted to say that I not only wanted a web search app. You should be able to use it with all services.



Looking things up on a search engine is an integral part of many people’s workflows. Whether it’s for market research, error messages, or documentation, I make a lot of searches for work-related tasks, and often the search results are better than if I went straight to a specific website. As it stands now, I need to keep a browser open for searches, which kind of defeats the purpose of Station. I read your link, and I think that allowing a search engine is not the same as allowing access to any website, but more like adding another Google app. I can already click external links in GMail, why shouldn’t I be able to do the same from Google Search? I think the option should be available.


(Or Luis Shemtov) #8

:bulb: SUMMARY
Your need in one sentence
make a “google” search from the ctrl-t menu, open in a new tab on my browser or in an app (user choice)

Tell us about the current experience
have to manualy find a browser and open a tab

:writing_hand: PROVIDE DETAILS
Tell us what you are looking to change

I’d like an option to seach from the ctrl-t menu, maybe have a full opensearch intigration or a “yubnub” hotkey search

How would it change your experience

The main advantages for me are: searching for stuff is my way to add stuff for my later todo, but i don’t want it in my focus browser

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(Maurice Hofmann) #9

When I’m working with webflow for example then I need to open the live website for some changes. How can I do it? Is it not possible to open a normal website within notion?

Also are there no web developer tools like in chrome?

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(Daurys Gonell) #10

Yes!!! We NEED this! As an avid Station user, its quite the buzzkill to have to open safari just to do a google search.


(Fábio Lopes) #11

agree, specific searches away from my browser bookmarks would be a nice way to keep the work going


(Santhosh Baskaran) #12

Adding to Jerry’s point. Not everyone is a pro at their jobs, there are rookies like me who need the Internet’s help. One of the main reasons people install Station is to avoid high resource usage by Chrome and its inefficiency despite using those resources. Not to mention the obvious distractions attached to it. By restricting users from being able to search, you’re forcing them to open Chrome which defeats one of the main purposes of installing Station.

I understand your view of Station not being a replacement for browsers but you need to understand that a quick search is indeed a web-application which is part of people’s workflow. So going by your value proposition of “A single place for all of your web-applications.”, it is only fair and logically correct to include a web-application.

PS - If people have installed Station, it shows their commitment to being focused and productive. Customer acquisition is tough, so when people are committing themselves to this extent, it should show they’d use the search web-application wisely.


(Mateusz Tylek) #13

If you want to use a search engine and therefore open any site, why you don’t use a traditional browser instead of the station? Isn’t this a little contradiction with station idea?

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