Update icon is distracting because it's blinking / flashing

(Tino) #1

Do I really need to update NOW? No I don’t, I’m busy with stuff in Station and don’t want to restart it now. The blinking “there are updates” icon in the bottom left is so annoying that I open the developer window to remove the whole damn thing.

Please change it into a static thing. died somewhere in 1997 for good reasons :slight_smile:

Update icon in sidebar flashes when new update is available, can be annoying
Clicking the update icon should stop it from blinking

First of all, I love Station, and am grateful that you work diligently to make awesome updates. This is part UX/UI and feature request, but since it is mainly UI based, thought it best here.

When an update is available, the icon on the sidebar constantly flashes until you update. I understand that you want users to update as soon as possible. However, I may not want to update right at that time, or maybe later in the day, and in the meantime I am bombarded with the flashing icon.

I am requesting one of two things: 1.) A setting that would turn this off (not as ideal) or 2.) Remove the flashing and just have the icon glow or have a color. This way I know that an update is available, but it doesn’t give me a headache until I actually do make the update. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for a great app.