Uninstall Feedback

(Newton Porter) #1

Hey Station Team,

I love the concept, but I found that I was less productive and slower using Station. I tried it out for a full week, but ultimately found it to be less productive than my current setup. Here’s some feedback:

  • Slow search - it was very slow and it was significantly faster using chrome and the Toby extension
  • Multiple Windows - Keeping track of browser based apps is huge for productivity today, but equally so is being able to access multiple windows at once. The expand/blowout feature was nice, but not being able to “stack” tabs within their made this buildup unfunctional
  • Extensions - while you said to support extensions, I found that I couldn’t get them to work within Station. Mixmax wouldn’t work within Gmail and one of the main benefits of extensions is constant access to their toolkit. Within Station, you really can’t do this well.
  • No previews on “hubs/apps” within station - you can use Ctrl + Tab to quickly move between Apps like Gmail > Google Drive etc. but there’s no way to switch between the different options within those apps. For instance, If I have 3-4 default drive files that I need to refer to constantly, I can’t do that well within Station.
  • Lost shortcut capabilities - because station embeds these apps, you are no longer able to use the full set of shortcut capabilities intra app as the CTRL based commands are superseded by Station navigation

Why i come back later

When i see your interview on french actuality channel, i move quickly on your web site for download your solution ! But after 2 day… I decide to uninstall it for now… And hop your solution become better un the future.

Why i decide to unstall it (not a troll, juste for your information :)) :

  • No Other languages supports (Your are french project, support french and english would be nice…)
  • For starting to use your solution, you ask me a google account… :confused: yes the gsuite is verry nice solution for business today but a lot of compagny stay on microsoft solution… No possibility to log in with office 365 is cripping for use it on my Business compagny.
  • I decide to use my personnal gmail adresse. But i can’t use only one on “Station”. A lot of people have 2 email account ore more… No possibility to use many account isn’t possible for a business or personnal solution.
  • Sorry for that but Office 365 intĂ©gration is realy bad…All the pages open on an external browner… No possibility to add separtly sharepoint access and some othe offices 365 applications… :confused: .
  • In business compagny, we use a lot of “self hosted” web-applications. Or you never can offer support for all web applications on the world. (Not quickly). So possibility to add only a favorite web page browner can be a good solution to add “web-application” manualy when you doesn’t support it yet hould be nesssary.
  • For finish, you have same issues than the other “all in one app” solutions. But you doesn’t offer us the possibility to fix it himselft… For exemple… The microsoft teams error login page. Look this issue on rambox https://github.com/saenzramiro/rambox/issues/1354. For waiting a patch on the next version by the developper, we have a solution to change the “user agent” for this app. In business, it’s not possible in business solution to doesn’t have a “quick fix”…
  • No possibility to add password manager than “dashlane” (come one ! it’s an other french solution :)). Lot of compagny use oassword manager for sharing access to they user without give use the passewords. (https://www.dashlane.com/fr/business)

Sorry for my english, i try to give you my opinion in english, but i’m better in french ^^.
Good luck for the future, i come back at the end of the year to see your news releases. For now, i stay on the open source solution rambox for my business compagny. But you can make a verry good solution for business in the future i’m sure. But today it’s more a beta or alpha version (for business compagny) than a “ready to use” app.