Unable to log into Shopify / login is stuck into an infinite loop

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Iโ€™m unable to log into Shopify through the Station app. After entering my credentials, it says "Logging you into [STORE_NAME]. After several seconds, the page refreshes and the same message is displayed again. This repeats indefinitely, until an authentication error is displayed (after leaving it overnight).

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    MacOS 10.14.3

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We are having this same issue! When will this be fixed??

Hey @truckmount & @jbs :wave:

Thanks a lot for contributing๐Ÿ™
Iโ€™m having a hard time reproducing this bug: could you send me a screen recording so I can investigate further?

You can use Loom or CloudApp for that: theyโ€™re free & easy to use.

Have an awesome day!

@Georges yup here you go! https://cl.ly/1f8e9ca79b74

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