"Unable to load file" Google Drive error / Google Sheets constantly requires reloading

(Jason Lybbert) #61

Fixed for me when I updated to Station’s latest version (1.39.2) :partying_face:
Thank you!

(Michael Christensen) #62

Fixed here at my end, thanks

(Warren Lawless) #63

Seems to be fixed. Thanks! This is definitely a must-have app.

(Christopher Bate) #64

for the the issue seems to be resolved. I can edit in sheets without getting the pervious message.
thx team station.

(Jon Miller) #66

:writing_hand: Brief description of the issue

My problem is that when I’m using google docs/slides/sheets and I try to add a comment, the app fails and I get a message that there’s been an error and to reload. I am unable to comment on google drive documents without a crash.

:warning: Mandatory details

  • :gun: Trigger — commenting on a google document

  • :boom: Issue — document crashes

  • :movie_camera: Explanatory gifs/pictures55%20PM%20(2)

  • :desktop_computer: OS version — macOS 10.14.3

  • :gear: Station version — 1.39.1

(Georges Abi-Heila) #67

Hey @saturngtr81,

Just update your Station to the latest version (1.39.2) to fix your issue.

(Raffaele Russi) #68

I did it… But nothing happens


I am already on 1.39.2. No change in error behavior. I am completely unable to use Google Drive because of this.

(Rishi Chowdhury) #70

Still the same for me in 1.39.2 - unable to load file on all Google Drive docs

(Andrew St Royal) #71

Fresh install this morning v1.39.2
MacOS 10.12.6

GMail, GCal appear to be working fine. Cannot use GDrive or Docs.
“Still Working” error mentioned above was happening, now I see different errors:

41%20AM 55%20AM

(Andy Ellis) #72

Please get this sorted!!!

If this isn’t working then frankly then there is no real benefit to using Station.

Happening right now and has all day, and yes I am on the latest version of Station before you ask.

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(Huw M) #73

I’m also getting this with any Google drive doc I load. Prompted to reload constantly.

Version: 1.39.2

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(Andrew ) #74

Still, have the bug! Almost impossible to work :frowning_face:
macOS High Sierra 10.13.6


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(Scott Beck) #75

:writing_hand: Brief description of the issue

This is specifically happening in Google Docs at the moment. Whenever I am replying to an existing comment I get an “Unable to Load File” error. This doesn’t occur when working in a standard browser and it also doesn’t occur when writing new comments, only when replying.

:warning: Mandatory details

  • :gun: Trigger — Replying to comment in Google Docs

  • :boom: Issue — “Unable to Load File” error

  • :movie_camera: Explanatory gifs/picturesstation%20google%20drive%20error

  • :desktop_computer: OS version — macOS 10.13.6

  • :gear: Station version — 1.39.2

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(AM) #76

Exactly the same behaviour and environment as mentioned by @ScottBeck. This is getting quite annoying and I can’t understand how this is not solved yet, from what I see this is one of the top bugs.

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Having to abandon Station until this gets fixed. This is my second time trying Station for a significant period of time. Left the first time because of bugs that took months to get fixed, and now I am going to have to do the same thing again. The inability to talk directly to support staff on live chat or a phone call is really unfortunate. I really want to love station, but I’m going to have to say goodbye until this gets fixed.

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(Rares Abrudan) #78

This is very annoying. I cannot use Docs and Sheets in Station anymore, I’m switching for the moment to Chrome. I will have to give up Station if this will not be resolved soon.2019-03-26%2009_55_37-Window 2019-03-26%2009_56_11-Window

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(Andy Ellis) #79

Echoing every recent post. This issue is still unresolved, cannot access Sheets or Docs at all! No longer using Station and likely not to return as you don’t resolve fundamental flaws quickly enough! Disappointing.

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(Benjamin Genchel) #80

:writing_hand: Brief description of the issue

My problem is that …
A few days ago, while working on a google doc inside station, I was asked if I wanted to enable offline documents. Since doing that, every time I open station and look at something in google drive, I get this pop up from station that says “this error has been reported to google and we’ll look into it as soon as possible. please reload this page to continue.”.

If I click ‘ok’ or even press the enter or esc keys, the page reloads and the error shows up again. This goes on indefinitely. Only way to get out of it is to press cancel. I’ve reset my computer, quick and re-opened station. Removed google drive from station and re-added it. Nothing works.

It’s really annoying


:warning: Mandatory details

  • :gun: Trigger — opening google docs, any doc in google docs

  • :boom: Issue — pop up loop telling me there’s something wrong without an explanation.

  • :movie_camera: Explanatory gifs/pictures — see above

  • :desktop_computer: OS version — high sierra, mac osx

  • :gear: Station version — 1.39.2

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I have also confirmed the same phenomenon.
Station 1.39.2
Windows 10(1809)