Typing long text inputs is irresponsive / laggy


(Pranav) #1

The issue I’m facing is …

Here’s the detailed report

  • Trigger: Long emails and text heavy pages

  • Issue: Typing text heavy things makes the editor very laggy, only on station. Works fine on Chrome/Safari. Even when I am typing this bug report - there is a lag when I hit the keyboard button and as it appears on the screen.

  • Explanatory gifs/pictures (we really need that :pray: ):

  • OS version: macOS High Sierra v10.13.4

  • Station version: v8

Repeatedly cut off while typing
Typing gets slower after a while
Typing delay in every app
(Jason ansleyRDgroup) #2

I second the motion that typing is slow. This is across apps, for me that is Gmail, Asana, and LinkedIn mostly.

While typing it lags, also dont h ave firefox browser, and windows app support
(Jason ansleyRDgroup) #3

To clarify, I am on a Mac. My default browser is Chrome. This issue seems to be consistent as far as time of day, however I will tell you that at 6am EDT (what I would consider a non-prime time) the lag is so bad that Station is nearly un-usable. About to reconsider my decision to use Station…

(Jon Paterson) #4

The issue I’m facing is …

Here’s the detailed report

  • Trigger: typing in different apps including the station support site causes lags after certain amount of buffer. This does not happen in Chrome.
  • Issue:
  • Explanatory gifs/pictures (we really need that :pray: ):
  • OS version: Mac 10.13.4
  • Station version: 1.11.2

(Jean Jacques Auffret) #5

The issue I’m facing is that after a few hours of using Station (which I love doing, BTW) a delay occurs between my typing a letter on my keyboard and the same letter appearing on screen. This seems to happen regardless of the app I’m using within Station.
This makes Station basically unusable, but fortunately stopping/starting it again solves the problem for a while… but a while only, at it seems.

Here’s the detailed report

  • Trigger: day-long use of station
  • Issue: visual feedback upon typing gets unbearably slow
  • Explanatory gifs/pictures (we really need that :pray: ): sorry, none.
  • OS version: MacOS High Sierra
  • Station version: 1.8.2

(James Fisher) #6

:writing_hand: Brief description of the issue

My problem is that …
When I try to type messages/text in any app it frequently seems to behave as if I’ve selected away from that app and therefore stops me from typing. I then have to click back in to the text area to continue. I noticed this mostly in Slack and Google docs (I do most of my typing there). It makes Station basically unusable for me.

:warning: Mandatory details

  • :gun: Trigger — update to 1.33.0 (I think).

  • :boom: Issue — I am prevented from typing, repeatedly and frequently.

  • :movie_camera: Explanatory gifs/pictures

  • :desktop_computer: OS version — 10.13.5

  • :gear: Station version — 1.33.0