Titlebars on Windows are ugly / hide the top menu bar


The default windows 10 titlebar and toolbar are jarring and clash with the design of station.


There’s no denying station is a beautiful app, particularly on MacOS. However, on windows the system-wide title-bars aren’t taken advantage of like they are in MacOS. This can be seen below, where the nice sidebar design is detracted from by a 1990’s-era tooltip drop-down menu. Similar apps have been able to get rid of this section and move the vital controls to the right click menu, or perhaps the menu that pops up when clicking the user icon in the bottom left. https://cdn.pbrd.co/images/HgQ8dlg.png

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Please implement a custom titlebar / GUI, similar to how apps like Affinity Designer or Photoshop commandeer this windows space and re-create the close, minimize and fullscreen buttons with their own-styled apps.
Documentation for this can be found:

Toggle Hide Top Menu Bar
True fullscreen mode
Putting an application window into fullscreen mode should hide the topbar
Enable Auto hide menu bar
(Ralph Burger) #2

totally agree with you. I like the app functionality wise but design wise it looks horrible on a windows machine. And that’s too bad because the app itself looks beautiful and clean.

I hope this will be a high priority for the windows release, can imagine this is a pretty big deal for a lot of potential users.

(Austin H) #3

It would be very nice to be able to hide the top “File Edit View History Help” bar. The overall appearance of the app would be GREATLY improved! Besides for most users this bar doesn’t anything that they can’t do without the bar.

(Bryan Mantecon) #4


testing your app seams cool but one thing is nagging me above all… Why do I have a permanent, irremovable, constantly visible and hideous file menu?

Press F11 to go into full screen mode and the menu is still there!

[File] - [Edit] - [History] - [Help] <------ BEGONE!

Please allow us to remove this menu it’s distracting.

Thanks in advance!

(Christian Bay) #5

When you open an application in a new window, and then put that window into fullscreen mode, there shouldn’t be a title bar on that window. The convention is to hide it, and also it’s less distracting.



Integrate the top two sections so they are a single line and not use up so much space

(Marcus Ekwall) #7

+1 for this! It’s how Microsoft did it with VS Code.


have a look at the rambox header https://rambox.pro/#home
I would like to have a header like this.

I prefer the windows ui of rambox over the station ui.
But i really love the functionality of Station !!!
I love the Drive search :wink:

Keep it up!


:bulb: SUMMARY

Electron offers an easy way to enable auto hiding of the menu bar. Since many Electron apps have enabled this option, and given how trivial it is to implement, I feel it should be an option on Station too.

(Antony John Mouzas) #10

I second that, with full screen mode as well. auto hide menu bar so you can work full screen