TickTick app is buggy / displaying incorrectly

(Mickey Diener) #1

Added TickTick to station - HTML/CSS in app does not display correctly.

Tick Tick does not work for more than a week
(Pranav) #2

I have the same problem. This view also seems to have the log-in broken; I can’t find any way to get to my account, so this app is essentially useless. Hope the devs figure it out soon!

(Andrey) #3

Same. In fact, it doesn’t work at all!
Please solve the problem.

(Mickey Diener) #4

As noted in the “Asana doesn’t load” posting, the display of these types of web apps has been fixed in v. 1.10.0 and I can verify that TickTick does now display correctly.

Thanks @Station for fixing!

(Andrey) #5

On the start it displays white screen with three dots, my profile picture and some links.
Please help!