The subdock is too big / side-panel is annoying / hover menu is frustrating


(Ori Elisar) #1

It might be too sensitive. Maybe open the tooltip with a click instead of hovering.

giphy (7)

Remove the secondary nav side bar
Option to have sidebar on right side. The hover modal overlaps with webapps' sidebars
How do I turn off this hover?
Reduce UI elements in sub-dock hover state
Reduce UI elements in sub-dock hover state
(Philippe Dame) #2

I totally agree. There should be a way to add a delay so that the Station side panel doesn’t open from the left (with app details) when hovering and selecting an app.

As indicate, that panel covers up the web app and thus slows down the switching between apps as you wait for that panel to close. For example, you want to pick an app, see what’s new, pick the next app and so on. You currently have to hover away from the app selection bar wait… wait, the panel goes away, then you pick the next app.

It’s useful but I don’t need to see that every time I want to go between the apps (I know there is keyboard shortcut but still a bit annoying).

(Dennis Kuscu) #3

I would be happy to have a setting to disable the hover and just use a right-click.

(Alexandre Lacheze) #4

Yes it makes sense.

We originally introduced this side-menu (we call it “sub-dock”) so that you can quickly switch between recently opened documents (for instance with Google Drive). We then added info and buttons there, but that actually requires less direct access.

Without adding a configurable option, the solutions you suggested, like adding a delay, are clearly adoptable. I even think this menu should not exist if there is no recent documents available (like for Gmail). We also consider reducing the hover-zone that triggers the menu.

We’ll figure out how to prioritise that given our roadmap. We’ll let you know.

(Ori Elisar) #5

Thanks :smile:

(Pablo Sijbrants) #6

I really like the app and it helps me to keep things organized.

But this is the most annoying menu ever, and it quite frustrates me. I would love to see a other solution for this!

(Sergio Iacobucci) #7

Yep if this could be sorted it would be much better!!!

(Josh Waguespack) #8

This… all of this… 100%

(Brandon) #9

+1 for right click as well - this is the only part of the app that’s annoying.


+1 for right click !!!

(Lauri Välja) #11

Really would like it asap. Just downloaded the app, but probably going back to Slack because of that hover

(Freddy V) #12

heavy +1, it’s really distracting and feels a little sluggish too


Give that man a cookie! 100% agreed for a setting to trade hover for right-click :slight_smile:

I love the app but the hover is really annoying, especially for messaging app.

(Fernando Antiqueira) #14

I’m facing the same problem here :frowning: I looked for a place to send a feedback precisely because of this issue. It is much better when the settings are in a settings section rather this hover shortcut. :thinking:

This settings is something that we set one or two times and done with it. And if shortcuts really matter, right click will do the job for advanced users. :sunglasses:


After using Station for a while, here is an observation. I am no expert; if you place the “jump to” search bar at top and keep it stationary, then you could have multiple columns of apps underneath (in the same space or less even). If I only have 8 apps (as an example) then one column is sufficient, (depending on the size of your screen of course). If I have 24 apps, then three columns can appear below the search. Should you be able to customize completely? Sure, but how much of a priority vs the other priorities on that big plate.

It may be a quick fix so that the usage can guide the direction of it. The columns of apps could collapse to the left, with the search bar stationary, allowing a quick type and find for the app, activating the columns.Just a thought. Thanks for reading.
Art Golombek
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(Thomas Rosales) #16

I never use the hover menu. It’s distracting and annoying. Perhaps add a delay on hover to show? or right click like other members suggested.

However I think it show still show at least the name of the app on hover, but in a way that it doesn’t bother.

(Carl Thompson) #17

Really it shouldn’t be a hover it should be on right click. It’s super super annoying as a hover.

(Patrick Heijmans) #18

is there any update on this one ?


(1) hover menu covers important navigation items in underlying apps (2) it is annoying that it comes up EVERY time. (3) the recessive black/grey background makes it hard to read the page titles.

Knowing which app pages are open and having a way to quickly navigate to them are both important , though. Perhaps expand the entire left sidebar upon focus/hover and have the page titles appear vertically below the icon that was hovered over. And then have the side bar collapse automatically upon loss of focus?

Aside, IMHO, this is essentially a browser with, arguably, much better navigation. Love the app and it has quickly become my go-to app.


One way to cover less screen space during sub-dock item hover (which might also help this issue: Left side menu's hover state sometimes disturbs left side app menu's), is to reduce the number of UI element in the hover state.

For Apps with single account:

(I confess, I haven’t thought about multiple account scenarios)

Current - Context MenuSuggested Improved Context Menu

Additional advantages shown in the above Suggested hover:

  • Changing names of bookmarks (so hovering over “Google Drive” enables an edit mode where the title for the app instance becomes customizable)
  • Reduced cognitive load: for app instances with a single account, the hover UI is smaller and doesn’t provide duplicate info/functionality (in current implementation the “Home” button does the same thing that the sub-dock item does). Additionally, all of the existing functions are preserved: popout to new window, add account, settings workflow.