Tabs / bubbles for apps with multi windows needs

(Or Luis Shemtov) #1

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As I open multiple workstreams from the same app I want to have bubbles (fb messenger like) with the docs so that workstreams remain searchable in the background, memory gets released and i keep the “no destruction enviorment”

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When I need to open something for later i need to put it into a new tab (alt-shift-x) pushing this into the windows manager, making the experience unpersistent - and prone for app crashes

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I’d like “tabs” to collapse into the main app window so that I can open multiple emails or docs. Important to keep them “off memory”

How would it change your experience

The main advantages for me are:

  • being able to keep multiple workstreams in the app in a parsistant way

(Jayaram Kasi) #2

Good one.

For 5 email accounts, I may want to see them as multiple horizontal tabs in Gmail vertical tab (left) rather than 5 separate vertical tabs.