Swap Slack logo with the workspace logo / Show team image instead of default Slack icon

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As a user of many slack workspaces I want to have the option of using the slack workspace logo as the primary icon so that I can more easily distinguish between multiple slack workspaces in the UI

Currently it’s this:


Would be much easier to distinguish between them if the workspace logo was the bigger one.

Hi Lucy,

Thanks that’s a very good point! And an interesting alternative. We are going to discuss this with our designer to see what the best approach would be. We’ll keep you updated.


On a related note - having the name for the Slack show as the name instead of “Slack” would help when hovering over each option. At that point, I really can’t tell what I’m about to switch to.

My vote for the workspace logo instead of the Slack logo and seeing the name instead of seeing “Slack”. :slight_smile:


This is a must have for me, I’ve 8 slack groups write now which I’ve to track on daily basis. I’ve tried to remember shortcuts for a few but It’s just painful to remember where I parked which group and each time I see a notification, I’ve to check the page to see if it is something I should check right now.

I work on a 27 inch monitor from a meter’s distance, so those little right icons are just not that visible.

Maybe, if you guys can just switch them, I mean the workspace icon as main and slack icon as that short icon. It will be really convenient.


I would agree with the same. :+1:

I actually came here to speak on this. I have several slack teams I am apart of and each have only the default slack icon associated with it. I have to click on each to see what team it is. It would be great if the actual team logo was maintained.

Here is what my sidebar looks like:

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yeah, this is sorta brutal and probably my biggest frustration with station.

BUT, it looks like you guys have already solved it on the “teammates sidebar”… would love to see the same sort of UX on the actual left hand sidebar that get’s used by everyone 24/7. Group all teams into one sidebar menu item, and leverage the team logos for each so you can quickly toggle between appropriate groups.


I dont see any logos for anyting hwo are you guys seeing them?

How are you getting the small icons to show? Currently mine does not show anything other then the default slack logo


The various Slack teams all appear in the left panel with the same Slack icon.

Currently all of the teams have the Slack logo as their icon and it is inconvenient to have to select each one to find the desired team.

I’d like to have the logos of the individual Slack teams show up in the app bar on the left.

This would allow users to efficiently find the desired Slack team.

I did have the workspace logo next to the slack icon (which is fine for me), but since the huge mess introduced in v1.11, I had to clear all my apps and start over from scratch (I must love station to do that!). Now the workspace logo has disapeared. Can you please fix that.

I have several Slack rooms that I would like to add but only 2 in Station right now. Currently Slack shows its logo for the identifier in the sidebar. This makes differentiating between multiple Slack groups difficult. I believe that changing this to the group image would visually discern which group is which and improve the UX drastically. Thoughts?


Yes, please! Swapping the Slack icon and the workspace icon would be ideal! So much easier to tell Slack workspaces apart.

+1 on having team icons in the sidebar instead of the current small version of the team icon over the slack logo

Hey @Brian_Gilbert, @Tevya, @SolidPixel, @zachary_price, @Thomas, @Jeanett88, @TimothyEyrich, @adamlohner, @davida, @arunsathiya, @mSingh, @paschott & @strawberryutopia,

This has been released in Station 1.29.0 :partying_face:
To activate this feature, update your Station and hit the toggle in the app settings.

Tell us how it goes :wink:


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I like it. This should be the default. Much easier to see the difference in Slack subscriptions now compared to the tiny icon in the corner before.



I am so happy that this feature was added. I do love that the icon is now full sized, but the icons appear very faded when inactive and can be hard to quickly tell apart.

I’d suggest either driving the contrast up as high as the other app icons (make the lightest color as white as the outline on the gmail icon), OR show the icons actual colors; faded when inactive and full color when active.