Support time tracking apps (Timing, RescueTime, Qbserve,etc.) / change Station's window name to reflect current used app

(Antoine Beauvillain) #1

As a regular freelance guy I want to easily track the client work/project I am focused on so that I can make my life easier (and charge for stuff I do)

I like user stories alright but also prefer this format:
When I open a project or client related tab in Station, I want [Station’s window title] to include basic information (title of the active app or tab, url) so that I can use my very neat and useful time tracker app.

At the moment I am using a time & project tracker called Qbserve which allows me to automatically log time on specific projects using a set of rules. I can track time for a project when the tracker detects a document path or browser address that contains a specific string (like a project name) that I have set up.
For instance, imagine I’m working on a Client_From_Hell.sketch file in Sketch. The tracker knows I’m being productive (Sketch is set as a productive app) and also that I’m working for my Client From Hell client as the filename is included in Sketch’s information.

I’d love it if Station was able to do that as well. So instead of simply returning “Station” as the window title, include the app/tab/file path or url that contains valuable information for time tracking apps.

The main advantages for me are:

  • Being able to use that very neat tracker (and maybe more software to come in Station)
  • Being able to use Station :slight_smile:

Update current window name with current app window information
Support time tracking apps (like Timing)
Support time tracking apps (like Timing)
(Dan) #3

:bulb: SUMMARY
Your need in one sentence

As a freelancer I want to be able to track time spent on project related sites so that I can get paid properly

Tell us about the current experience

Station usage gets tracked as only one item regardless of windows/tabs/states … because Timing uses the window name to track usage. I would like to know which, e.g., gmail account I was using, etc.

If i use Chrome, I get full info, even which email I was reading/writing, because it’s part of the window title.

I was hoping that “detach current app” would work, since then I can see window title, but Timing does not recognize this info.

(Julien Berthomier) #4

Hi Dan,

What is the exact name of your extension? We plan on prioritizing new integrations of Chrome extensions very soon and I just need the exact name (and link in the Chrome Web store) so I can add it to our list.


(Dan) #5

Hi Julien,

It’s not an extension, it’s a Mac app that tracks time spent by app/window title.


(Mehdi Bellatig) #6

bump and +1 for this!

Please guys, Station is ruining my time tracking with RescueTime!
Please send the app, url or path info to the name of the window so it can be tracked !



currently the window name, no matter where you are is “Station”

I would like to have the window name actually reflect what i am doing in Station, so that proper context can be automatically logged by Timing app -

The main advantages for me would be that i could then use the station app for more than a fleeting look and have my time automatically logged, like every other app that i use. currently, i have to either not use station app, or remember to log manually (not a good bet).