Support the OS notification center / have Station notifications appear in Mac or Windows notifications panel


As a user, I have many apps open at once, so Station is often in the background. Currently, there’s no way for me to see that I have a notification in Station without me actually going into Station, toggling between the 5 apps I have there, and manually finding the notification. It seems as though the only app I have in Station that does this currently is FB Messenger, which adds a badge icon in my dock if there is a new message. I use Hangouts at work a lot, and I can’t really use Station for it since there’s no notification system external to the app.


Rambox has support for Notification Center for many of it’s connected apps, and it would be great if Station could adopt something similar. Even within Station, if I’m looking at an app other than Hangouts, it still does not notify me if there’s a new message in any way. This is also true for Trello, Jira, Box, etc…

System info: Mac running Sierra 10.12.6


The main advantages for me are:

  • Better transparency into real-time collaboration

  • Modernize the functionality to meet typical user expectations

I agree… at least with the in-app notifications :wink:

You can see in the screenshot below that I’ve received a WhatsApp message notification (separate bug report here for the icon in the Windows Notification Center tray icon):

But no “red dot” appears over the top-right portion of the WhatsApp icon (3rd from the top) within Station like it does when I receive new Gmail messages (as seen in the screenshot below):

Adding the “new message/notification” dot to each app within Station would be most helpful :blush:

+1 on this… we use hangouts primarily in our organization for communication. There is no way to see if I have received any new pings on the station tray.

Station seems to be a viable option to replace Wavebox (Gmail & Calendar) and Franz (WA, Skype, etc.) for me. However, if no notifications are available, then this is a big turn-off.

Yes please! This would be great.

Does this already exist? I plugged up a few apps, like Trello but I don’t know if it works with Windows 10 yet.

Does the Station Notification Center only work? Does that have to be used over the W10 notification center?

Just wondering…

:writing_hand: Brief description of the issue

My problem is that … Stations is not sending notifications to KDE, missing from notifications settings

:warning: Mandatory details

  • :gun: Trigger — Station gets notification

  • :boom: Issue — Wont pass notification to KDE/PLASMA, even in plasma notification settings station is not even listed…

  • :movie_camera: Explanatory gifs/pictures

  • :desktop_computer: OS version — Kubuntu 18.04

  • :gear: Station version — 1.26.00

yes it will be so great to have a feature like this !!!

On the MacOS version, notifications work with the built-in notification system, but only the the app is on the primary screen / active. Otherwise, it shows a notification saying you have “11 notifications” every time a notification event occurs.