Support for touchpad gestures / mouse buttons

(Louis Cuvelier) #1

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As a user I want to navigate between pages with my back and forward button of my mouse.

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Every time.

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Just like for CTRL + [ and CTRL + ] (for Windows)

Thanks :blush:


Mac: Add Two-Finger Swipe Trackpad Gestures To Move Forward / Back Within Page History
Swipe for back and forward
2018: The Year in Review
Honour trackpad gesture system preference
Support for mouse (side-)buttons
Add gestures to mac version & download manager
Support macOS's default 2-finger swipe left and right for forward and back
Back / Previous page
Add Multi-button mouse support for back/forward buttons within Station
(Devin Price) #2

I’d like to second this request.

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(Pavel Dohnal) #3

Yes, especially on Macbook it is pretty annoying this doesn’t work. I am used to using gestures in Safari, two fingers swipe left should go back. Multiple times a day I hit this wall in Station. Please support mouse shortcuts.


(Dennis Kuscu) #4

On my mouse (Logitech MX Anywhere 2) is use the two side-buttons for back/forward. I use those buttons a lot in the browser.

In Logitech Options those two buttons are simply configured as back and forward. That works in Chrome. In Station they don’t work that way. I have to configure the buttons to ctrl + [ and ctrl + ], but those shortcuts don’t work in Chrome.

Would it be possible to ad the functionality for my mouse to use the back and forward buttons to work in Station?


(Erik M) #5

I use the same mouse. You can set up the CTRL-[ and CTRL-] shortcuts to the back/forward buttons on a “per app” basis in Logitech Options. In the top right, click “All Applications” and toggle the application specific settings switch. You can then set these shortcuts up for Station only:




(Dennis Kuscu) #6

Nice, thank you! :smile: For now a good work-around.

Still, the swiping gestures on the trackpad also don’t work.


(Marc Roberts) #7


As a user I want the system preferences to be honoured so that i can use my regular gestures throughout Station


When I have my system preferences set to 3 finger swipe to change desktop and 2 finger swipe to go forward/back the 2 finger gesture is not honoured within Station (It looks like a 3 finger swipe would work according to Previous and Next buttons on the UI )


I’d like this setting to be honoured and the 2 finger forward/back gesture to work as expected in Station (as it does in all my browsers)


The main advantages for me are:

  • being able to use Station more, as i’m trying to switch my ‘work’ Chrome profile in to station, while also still using Chrome for regular browsing
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(Anthony Jr.) #8


As a MacBook user (while I’m working mobile), I’ve gotten fairly accustomed to trackpad gestures for swiping between webpages (a two finger swipe right to go back a page, and a swipe left to go forward again.) I’ve been loving incorporating Station into my new business workflow. The only thing I can’t get used to is not having these page forward / page back gestures for the trackpad.

It would be amazing if you could add these gestures in to move forward and back through each tab’s page history. I’d assume it would be a simple few lines of code to hook in these gestures.

You should see me swiping back and forth a few times before I eventually realize that I need to click the page history forward / back buttons. I get a tad bit flustered with myself every time I remember it’s not incorporated.


To provide a better workflow solution for Apple MacBook and Mac Trackpad users, I’d love it if two finger swipe left / right gestures could be added to Station. This would be great for all Apple users who typically use / are accustomed to trackpad gestures in other web browsing applications.


Fairly simple. I’d love to see the MacOS code hooks for using two-finger swipe left / right trackpad gestures added into Station. This would add greater functionality in workflow, and save a lot of time clicking between those little back / forward buttons.

Try using the gesture in Safari, and see how much easier it is to move through page history.


The main advantages are:

  • Moving faster through each app’s / extension’s pages
  • Providing greater app workflow
  • Low implementation time versus high time-saving / smoother workflow functionality

(Hossein Malakalaie (Malek)) #9

Please add mac trackpad gestures like back and forward and so on…

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This may be muscle memory coming from a browser, but I miss being able to swipe to the previous page. Safari’s is particularly great since I can half swipe to read what I was looking at and return without actually going back, but Chrome also implements this as a gesture.


(Glenn Walker) #11

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As a multi-button mouse user I want to use the standard back and forward mouse buttons so that I can navigate within Station without having to use keyboard shortcuts or find a back button in an application.

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When I use station in all webapps, I have to either use a keyboard shortcut or find an app provided back button to navigate pages when I would rather use standard mouse buttons. These work across Windows in all apps which support “back” - except Station.

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I’d like to click a button on mouse and it navigate back/forward, without having to add some app specific macros just for Station.


(Chris Hynes) #12

I did the keyboard mapping thing for now which also works with Razor Synapse FYI.

Really should be the default though.


(Yang Guo) #13

I voted this as well.
I exclusively use trackpad on my MacBook.

One interesting point, I use three-finger drag and move (which is less common among other mac users), and this works perfectly fine in station.


(Adlen Afane) #15

I use this mouse:éfilement-Ultra-Rapide/dp/B00HV9ZG98/ref=sr_1_1

I use the side buttons to go back and forth on web pages but it’s not working on station :frowning:


(Tevya) #16

:bulb: SUMMARY
Your need in one sentence

I want to use navigate forward and back using 2-finger swipe, like I can in Chrome, Safari, etc.

Tell us about the current experience

I have to find and click those tiny little forward/back arrows at the top of the sidebar.

:writing_hand: PROVIDE DETAILS
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It’s much easier to just swipe with a gesture, and not have to move the cursor at all.

How would it change your experience

The main advantages for me are:

  • More efficient

(Kris) #17

This really is one of the most missed features for me when trying station. Currently I’m still using it, but there’s a lot of frustration that something so “mac” default doesn’t work. So it feels like a step back.

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(Viktor Nord) #18

Not able to use back/forward on mouse is absolutely the most annoying feature. When I work in station I use my mouse a lot. More than the keyboard. Being able to use back/forward on mouse would be awesome!


(Thalia Christaki) #19

Any updates on this? This is really frustrating, I thought this was just a bug on my side until I came here and saw that there is no solution. Especially for Mac users, this is a dealbreaker. Any hints on when an update for this will be released?

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