Station's logo is similar to Ommwriter's


(Kyle Hayes) #1

Hello. I wanted to point out that your icon’s shape an iconography is very similar to that of another longstanding Mac app, called Ommwriter.

(Georges Abi-Heila) #2

Indeed, that’s a bummer! We discovered that very recently when another user pointed it out on Twitter.

Now we don’t think it’s a problem because our apps are really different and the logos are still distinguishable (we use a lot of gradients and elements sizing isn’t the same).

Anyways, thanks for reporting that :slight_smile:

(DevBytes) #3

Blloc also uses this icon,
But who cares, I only found out about these company’s after i started using Station.
I already associate Station with this icon and i like it the way it is :smiley: