Station window goes gray when I try to drag icons on left bar


(Gradbase Limited) #1

When I try to switch the order of the different icons I have on Station left menubar, the window goes grey as soon as I start dragging. Only option left is to close and open Station again.

Here’s the detailed report

  • Trigger: Attempting to drag an icon to a different place on the left hand side menubar.
  • Issue: App window goes grey and does not allow any user action.
  • Explanatory gifs/pictures (we really need that :pray: ): Not much to show, just a grey screen :slight_smile:
  • OS version: Mac OSX High Sierra
  • Station version: 1.11.1

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(Hernán Herrera Hall) #2

I have the same Issue here.
It seems every single time they send an update our way, somethings crashes.

It’s starting to get a little bit annoying

(Alexandre Lacheze) #3

Thanks for the report!

The fix is on its way!

(Shay Redmond) #4

Started happening for me when I upgraded to 1.11.1 too, but it also completely reordered all my apps. Will the original order return with the bug fix? Got really used to my cmd+1, cmd+2, etc shortcuts :cry:

(Alexandre Lacheze) #5

Sorry @Shay, unfortunately, you won’t be able to find the original order but you’ll be able to re-order them at your convenience!

(Dennis Kuscu) #6

Have exactly the same!


I can’t wait for the fix ^^

(Jae Mc Laughlin) #8

Hopefully fix is here soon

(Alexandre Lacheze) #9

We released the fix with version 1.11.2, please update to the latest version!
Really sorry for the inconvenience. Your apps order might have been changed in the process, sorry about that.

(Shay Redmond) #10

1.11.2 restored the original order of my apps automatically :+1:


Me too ! Great reactivity ! :muscle:

(Michael Clinton) #12

Al good now! Thanks @Alexandre for your team hopping on this immediately and being transparent through the process.

We al hate bugs, but the fact you all are transparent it makes it that much more tolerable.

(Matthew Kowalski) #13

Thank you for the quick fix! Was about to report until I saw it was already fixed :slight_smile:

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