Station usage Analytics [probably monetization option?]

(Vagelis Fragkos) #1

Measure time spent per app/service and show them in a dashboard.

While we work through station, a process could measure time spent per day.Then we must have a
dashboard to see those metrics and a possible suggestion to get a premium service like: (you spend on average 5.5h per day on Trello, why don’t you buy Trello Gold account) and here is the monetization option for you:
You can contact Trello,Dropbox,Onedrive share data of your 12K users for now (if am not mistaken) and tell them: guys here are the numbers ,can you offer me a better price to my users which are actually yours!

By the way,I just installed it and connect more than 50 services.I am reading the community for features.
bravo from Greece or your funding.We started a fintech startup,QuRabbit o March and your app, will help as a lot to reduce the tab clutter and will also help my “day job” so you have one more fan from Greece!

Keep on the good work!