Station is slow / high memory usage / high CPU load


(Harmeet Singh) #82

This has rendered Station useless for me. Hoping that this would get sorted out soon.

(Alessandro Di Ruscio) #83

Same here. It makes my mac really slow, and I’m working on a Mac pro 2017…

(Pedro Cuéllar) #84

Hey all. Station continues to eat my computer’s resources. 17 processes for only 9 apps is just unacceptable. I love Station and hate having to go back to old workflows, but this performance makes it difficult to stick to the app.

Please fix this soon!

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    No idea!

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    Too many processes and CPU usage.

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    Mojave 10.14.2

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(Tony Jay) #85

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My problem is that … The loadtime for the app takes a while, but it’s understandable due to a lot of apps features which were great. But my major concerns are, once when i need to switch task or even minimize Station and come back to work on it again. EVERYTHING has to re-load again which take around 3 - 5+ secs to load each app. and i have around 12 apps to re-load, again. If there’s a way to would make it preload in the background that would help a lot.

I really love Station, all the apps integration, the UX/UI, the simplicity and usage.
Please help fix these issue. Would be much more fun to work with it less-hassle.

Much appreciated. Thanks!

Mac OS : Mojave 10.14.1
Station OS : 1.31.2

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