Station is slow / high memory usage / high CPU load

(Harmeet Singh) #82

This has rendered Station useless for me. Hoping that this would get sorted out soon.

(Alessandro Di Ruscio) #83

Same here. It makes my mac really slow, and I’m working on a Mac pro 2017…

(Pedro Cuéllar) #84

Hey all. Station continues to eat my computer’s resources. 17 processes for only 9 apps is just unacceptable. I love Station and hate having to go back to old workflows, but this performance makes it difficult to stick to the app.

Please fix this soon!

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    No idea!

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    Too many processes and CPU usage.

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    Mojave 10.14.2

  • :gear: Station version

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(Tony Jay) #85

:writing_hand: Brief description of the issue

My problem is that … The loadtime for the app takes a while, but it’s understandable due to a lot of apps features which were great. But my major concerns are, once when i need to switch task or even minimize Station and come back to work on it again. EVERYTHING has to re-load again which take around 3 - 5+ secs to load each app. and i have around 12 apps to re-load, again. If there’s a way to would make it preload in the background that would help a lot.

I really love Station, all the apps integration, the UX/UI, the simplicity and usage.
Please help fix these issue. Would be much more fun to work with it less-hassle.

Much appreciated. Thanks!

Mac OS : Mojave 10.14.1
Station OS : 1.31.2

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(Kim Stiens) #86

Hey, just chiming in here to say that I also am finding Station nigh unusable because it takes up so many resources that it starts locking up/crashing my whole computer. I was willing to wait it out for awhile, but having just been 5 minutes late to conduct a phone interview because I had to do a hard restart on my computer (and only being able to do the interview at all by pulling up the questions on my phone and taking notes by hand!) it’s becoming too disruptive.

Which is a shame, because I love the app otherwise. I use a lot of Google Docs, and that in particular makes loading times when switching between apps really long. I like having all those docs under one Drive app on the side, and being able to star my most used ones, but dang, I just can’t be dealing with my computer crashing for 40 minutes in the middle of the day.

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(Eduardo Siqueira Filho) #88

You can’t use Station and Chrome together. Technically not affordable and unbearable. This issue is crushing the good work made on the software so far.

It’s a pity. Will stop using it and stop recommending it.

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Ended up here since Station on my computer is getting to a point that’s unusable.
I’m using a Linux OS (Ubuntu 18.04) but it’s pretty much the same issues other people have.

All of a sudden CPU usage will go to almost 100% (my computer is i7 quad core, with 16G RAM so it need to be doing something really bad to eat up that much resource) and the fan will start spinning like crazy. The whole laptop will freeze for a minute or two before I can get back to my normal activities, and it seems to be getting worse actually.
The newer versions will cause the freeze more frequently so I can’t keep it open even for ~3 hours now.

Quitting Station will immediately reduce resource consumption rate.
I do hope this will get prioritized and fixed or else I will either have to go find an alternative or go back to the old ways of doing things.

(Geert Klein Breteler) #90

Hi there, I love you’re application but you do have to solve this issue very quickly. The Station Helper is using 100% CPU, my MacBook Air 2018 is cooling like a maniac :frowning:

(Tony Ko) #91

I’m getting this too. I have 5 processes, probably chrome / electron’s main processes, then 9 other processes for services. After a long time, the memory used grows to about 2gb and holds up my CPU. This doesn’t happen on launch. Seems like there is a memory leak somewhere, either in the webapps themselves or in the main process.

I understand if the webapps themselves cannot be modified if they have bugs (since the code for them are hosted on their own domains), but perhaps implement some kind of webapp state controller. Especially for apps that have their notifications disabled, they don’t have to run in the background all the time. Wait for activation by user.

Same goes for terminating some webapps, if notifications are off and not active for X amount of time.

(Danice) #92

I just wanted to add to the requests for a fix to this issue :slight_smile:

I love using Station, but it has become involuntarily unusable over the last couple of weeks. It crashes when the memory usage gets too high, and it caused my whole laptop to crash (blue screen of death) one day last week… which makes me really uneasy using Station now because of its current unstable status (every time I hear my laptop’s fans rev up, I get nervous).

  • :gun: Trigger using station
  • :boom: Issue too many processes, high CPU usage, crashes station and laptop
  • :movie_camera: Explanatory gifs/pictures see below
  • :desktop_computer: OS version Windows 10 v.1803 build 17134.472 64-bit
  • :desktop_computer: CPU Intel Core i7 7700HQ @ 2.80GHz
  • :desktop_computer: RAM 32GB
  • :desktop_computer: Graphics 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
  • :gear: Station version 1.35.0

I only have 7 apps active/running in Station (plus 1 google chrome browser tab open writing this message in the station community), and this is the current peak CPU/memory usage:

Ps. the fans (which I interpret as the CPU/memory processes) go crazy for about 5 minutes or so after Station is first launched (either automatically run when the laptop boots up, or relaunched after crashing).

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(Rene Gallardo) #93

Have same issue. Even there is no other program running, Station is very slow.
Searching for a contact in Telegram takes more than 7 seconds, Trello doesn’t login since thursday (today it logged in for very first time) and changing between boards delay nothing less than 20 seconds, Messenger never open a conversation:

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(Pedro Cuéllar) #94

Station crew: I’m quitting Station and moving to a Slack/Canary/WhatsApp/Chrome convo. Using this takes 2GB of RAM as compared to the 5.3GB of RAM Station was pulling from my computer. This issue along with nor being able to copy/paste matching format (Paste without formatting / Paste as plain text / Paste and match style doesn't work (Command-Shift-Option-V)) were total deal-breakers.
I hope you guys can get this fixed as this is a truly useful tool, but the computational resources to run it are not worth the convenience :frowning:

(Tevya) #95

Wanted to add my voice to this. I very much like Station, but the last while it’s quite sluggish (haven’t investigated that actual RAM used). And that despite the fact that I stripped it down to just 5 apps. Before I had twice that many, and it ran fine. But lately it’s terrible.

Not sure if this was mentioned, but I also get the “beach ball” periodically while working in Station. Right in the middle of typing an email or Slack message, it just spins and my typing stalls for a couple seconds, then it catches up and goes back to normal. It’s only in Station. I don’t experience this anywhere else on my MBP. And it’s repeated, almost like it’s on a clock. I haven’t timed it, but it feels like every minute (or something like that) it does the beachball and I just wait for it to catch up. But it slows me down in a huge way and is very frustrating.

It’s bad enough I’m looking at switching back to Franz. That’s the app that I started the journey that led me to Station. But it seemed to be abandoned, and so that’s why I went looking. Lately it appears to have been resurrected.

(El Farto) #96

Same here, perfomance degrades to the point of inusability after a few hours, Last night y woke up to the sound of the Cooling Fan on my laptop running at full speed, logged in and Station was using 80/90% CPU in Task Manager, Tried to use Process Manager but it shows “NO DATA”. Had to kill and restart t

Stationversion 1.36.0
(Alex Wada) #97

I wanted to repeat what this thread has voiced. Station is now a net loss on productivity unfortunately and I am running it on a year old Mac Pro. Please fix this!

(Sébastien) #98

Same issue for me. I couldn’t stand any longer the heat and noise of the fan so I just stopped using Station until it gets resolved. I’m getting back to Chrome !

(Géza Molnár) #99

:bulb: SUMMARY
I need a restart option to restart Station with the current pages and logins - to make it work normally, not very slow and unresponsive.

Slow, slow, slow, very slow, unresponsive, slow, slow, more slow…

:writing_hand: PROVIDE DETAILS
Until you don’t make it quick and keep it running quick, this is my last effort to use your app, which is a good idea, it’s implementation is somewhere between the MVP and v1.0, closer to the first.

I as a User would use you app seamlessly (I think this is the right word).

(El Farto) #100

Is there any progress towards resolving this issue , is there anything we can provide that can help diagnose/fix these issues ?

(Nero Facetime) #101

please see attached image is this normal behaviour ?

Stationversion 1.37.1

(Filip Hric) #102

I switch between Slack and Jira a lot. I click on a lot of links that get open inside Station and get saved to pages list (the one that appears on hovering Jira icon in Station). It seems that the longer the list gets, the slower does loading of this list. Deleting all pages from the list helped improving the speed so it seems this is definitely the cause.

Just to illustrate, with only 6 items in list it goes like this:

  1. hover over jira icon
  2. list appears immediately

While with many (30+ items) it works like this:

  1. hover over jira icon
  2. wait 5 seconds
  3. list appears

Not very effective. Station version 1.6.0, but has been there for some time (I think I use Station since 0.something versions). Mac OS 10.13.3