Station is slow / high memory usage / high CPU load


(Mak Kordić) #62

Having the same issue, MBP getting slow after Station helper using 60-70% of CPU. Will have to bail too.


Happening here, too. Past two releases have been misbehaving for me; white screens, freezing, high resource usage, and unable to close the process monitor.

Hopefully it gets fixed and I can return to using it in a future version.

(Kenny Wood) #64

Please fix this! I’m having insanely high memory usage on windows 10. So laggy, making my whole system slow down to the point where it’s completely unusable

(Kristjan Kristjansson) #65

:writing_hand:My Station is slow and often freezes

I probably have 20 tools in my station, many with multiple sheets open. This seems to slow the station down, and often freezes it. Anything else I can do but simply throwing out apps?

:warning:Mandatory details

  • :gun: Trigger — Station App desktop

  • :boom: Issue — Slow

  • :movie_camera: Explanatory gifs/picturesimage

  • :desktop_computer: OS version — 10.12.6

  • :gear:Station version — 1.24.0

(Arvy Budiarto) #66

After alternating between Franz and Station, I recently come back to Station again. Unfortunately it seems that the high CPU usage is still not fixed.

The symptoms that I’m seeing is a bit different, yes there is a high CPU usage, however after leaving it overnight it will actually lock up and I have to kill it using task manager.

I’m running on Windows 10 with 16GB RAM, should be enough hopefully. The laptop is new too (Dell XPS 13).

I wonder if anyone here has a trick or two to solve the issue.

(Luca Ban) #67

I just want to chip in. I love station’s concept. It’s just too slow on MacBooks… I even use a MacBook PRO, but every time I open Station it takes about 10-20 seconds before it becomes responsive.

I mean even if the app was still on and never quit, I do other things, go back to Station, again it will freeze for 10-20 seconds. I use station on full screen mode on a seperate desktop, but going await to do stuff and coming back always makes Station very slow and unresponsive.

(Tom) #68

I arrived here because I notice Station is unresponsive after my laptop (Macbook pro with Mojave) has been closed all night. Upon waking from sleep, Station is unusable and the app cannot be quit either. After a few minutes, it comes back to live.

(DevBytes) #69

You could disable background activity if possible for these apps
This way they are only active when u click on them.

You do this by clicking on settings for the apps

In the next menu you can disable background activity for those apps that don’t have to be active all the time.

This way you will save some CPU power and maybe this will solve the problem.

Tell us if this helped you :wink:

(Chuck Clark) #70

Station has been really responsive for me until about two weeks ago I’ve had times when I Cmd-Tab back into the app it is unresponsive for 5-15 seconds. I’ve also been having random spinups of the fan. 57%20PM

It appears to be Station Helper that comes off the rails.

I believe I’m on the latest version:

Is there a way to profile which of the apps in Station might be causing it? I’ve started to remove apps that I do not use frequently. I’m down to mainly the GSuite apps, Trello and LinkedIn.

(DevBytes) #71

Hi @cclark ,

Could you please provide us with a screenshot of the internal Process Manager of Station itself.
This way we can look for high usage on specific apps inside Station
I am using Windows in my screenshots so your menu’s may differ from mine.
You find the Process Manager Under the settings menu like this


Another way of opening the internal Process Manager:

(Matt Holmes) #72

I am having the same issue and then some.

Mine started with it running very slow switching between apps within Station and if I was on another screen outside the app then went back to it. It would take forever or have to refresh it and could tell for about the past 3-4 weeks my fan kicking on more.

Update as of late last week the app opens and NO screen comes up. I uninstalled and reinstalled Station from my computer and it still will not open.

I loved station, now very frustrated with it.

(Ali Shafai) #73

:writing_hand: Brief description of the issue

My problem is that …
I’m on a Mac and from time to time and for reasons that I cannot understand, Station stops working and the screen turns white.

Quitting the application and re-starting brings it back up where it wildly flickers and stalls out the whole OS, where I am not able to do anything else on my Mac until I quit the app again.

Can you help?

:warning: Mandatory details

  • :gun: Trigger
    I don’t know!

  • :boom: Issue
    See above.

  • :movie_camera: Explanatory gifs/pictures
    Can’t capture flickering screen.

  • :desktop_computer: OS version
    Mojave 10.14

  • :gear: Station version


Same issue as Ali but generally it’s been slow for the past month or so usually when I wake the computer from sleep. Can’t use this for work when it’s unreliable like this.

(Alexandros Vasileiou) #75

Do we have any news on this issue? For me it’s more like Station freezing for 2-3 minutes (literally) and then start working again. This happens when station is idle and/or when my macbook pro is on sleep

(Alexandre Lacheze) #76

Last Station version (1.28.1) got some small improvements on performance. It should be mainly visible when switching apps in Station or using the Quick-Switch.
We are working on deeper and more efficient optimizations that will impact the whole app: freeze at Startup, switching apps in Station and typing in a webview.

(Stefano Giacone) #77

When I click on link in Gmail I have to wait seconds before the page open in the browser, is this expected?

(Adriana González) #78

Ok, I´m having the same problem here. No matter what app I try to open, station freeze. Sometimes shut out. I try to capture the station’s process manager, but it says “No data”.

(adam) #79

Macbook Pro 15 inch Mid 2012 Mojave

Station now crashes everytime I wake my macbook from sleep. I leave the office at 5pm and in the morning station has crashed either resulting in me restarting my macbook or re-installing station.

I love this program, but it has now become a burden on my workflow.

(X. Grace) #80

Hello, Station!

I am a most recent user. I downloaded and started using the app three days ago but I had to abandon it immediately. My problem is the same as with the others, though I am on a Windows 10 machine with i5-8250U and an NVIDIA GeForece MX150. I use this same laptop for gaming and have not had any problems but when I run Station I encounter all kinds of troubles. Hope this gets fixed soon!

(D Reed) #81

V1.4? 1.3 is on the download page.

The CPU usage is enormous on startup, and although it declines after a few minutes (!), it continues to be elevated even when it isn’t “doing” anything.