Station is slow / high memory usage / high CPU load


(Paul Spradling) #21

The issue I’m facing is …

Here’s the detailed report

  • Issue: I use gfxCardStatus app to switch between integrated intel graphics (better battery) and dedicated AMD graphics (faster).
    Station App hogs the GPU, it appears as a “dependency” on gfxCardStatus, so it doesn’t let me switch to integrated graphics unless I close the app. Need to lower the CPU/RAM usage too! Thanks!!
  • OS version: 10.13.3
  • Station version: 1.7.2

(Gaspar Rajoy) #22

The issue I’m facing is …
High CPU usage, even when idle.


Here’s the detailed report

  • Trigger: Normal use
  • Issue: High CPU usage. Drain on battery power
  • Explanatory gifs/pictures (we really need that :pray: ):
  • OS version: macOS 10.13.3
  • Station version: 1.0.0

(Pico Nazzaro) #23

My Macbook battery gets drained and charging takes forever due the “Energy Impact” of Station. Granted, I have 19+ apps running in Station, but many of them are idle and used infrequently. My screenshot shows 20.2 as the Energy Impact but it goes as high as 80+. I removed a few apps and it seems to have improved things, but it’s currently competing with Firefox for top score. It becomes a toss up: run more tabs in Firefox or run the same apps in Station. Not sure yet which will have less Energy Impact as battery life is finite and needs to be taken into account for us laptop users.


(Pico Nazzaro) #24

the other thing that would be helpful would be to identify which apps are which; as the screenshot shows, they are all displayed as “Station Helper” so troubleshooting which one has an Energy Impact is impossible

(Sangram Sabat) #25

Using a lot of battery and memory


+1 on this, I have the latest macbook pro and station uses even more RAM than my After Effects.
I can’t work with both open at the same time. :confused: a shame, since I love the software.

(Pedro Cuéllar) #27

Station crew, any updates on this? I have been loving the app and evangelized several colleagues but 17 processes running for only 7 apps is just too much.

(Tom Shawver) #28

A big +1 on this-- My Station experience started out game-changing, but now I find myself going back to pinned tabs. Just using Google Inbox + Outlook Online throughout the day, I’m at or near 200% CPU usage on the Station parent process and my hefty 15" macbook pro sounds like a fighter jet.

(Eliza Morrison) #29

wondering if there have been any fixes on this? Station is using so much CPU!

(Tracie Weight) #30

In the past week, Station has been so slow that I can’t even use it. What’s being done to fix this? I’ve deleted and then downloaded again. And before that, I did the update that showed up today. HELP!

(Bryant Lee) #32

+1 Here as well. I have officially stopped using Station because of this. Sad days :frowning:

(Florian Kempenich) #33

Is there a way to figure out which helper corresponds to which service?
That’d be incredibly helpful!

(Anton Staroverov) #34

Same with me. 50% CPU on the new MacBook Pro is just unacceptable…

(Marc Asmar) #35


This is way too much, making me want to stop using Station.

(Wout Mertens) #36

One thing I noticed: The “new version” throbber uses tons of CPU. Electron is just super sucky in handling these simple animations. I can always tell when a new Station version is available, because it will eat about 20-40% CPU. Upgrading fixes it.

For the same reason, it’s important to switch Slack to a channel/chat that doesn’t have animated gifs or emoticons. Even when not visible, it will eat CPU.

This is on an early-2015 macbook pro, so maybe it’s a hardware thing.

(Marc Asmar) #37

Well I Officially stopped using Station…it was amazing but even with the newest release, 2000-3000 MB of memory is just way too much.

(Daniel Schlaug) #38

Seeing this as well.

(Rakesh Pradhan) #39

Dear Station Team, I’m moving out of station for now, the app has been taking up more than 50% of my mac’s 8GB memory making it very hard to use then my computer hangs. This is a great app and this is a serious issue. Be back when you guys have fixed this! Cheers

(Georges Abi-Heila) #40

Hey @Rakesh_Pradhan, @solidfox, @marcasmar94, @Wout_Mertens, @tonystar, @ThisIsFlorianK, @bleeisblee, @Tracie_Weight, @Eliza_Morrison, @Tom_Shawver, @peter242, @gregcarniel, @Sangram_Sabat, @pico, @gaspo53, @spradling, @nmdias, @Kamil ,

We recently made improvements to the way Station handles CPU but we’re having a hard time assessing their impact.

Have you recently (since end of July) felt any improvement on Station’s CPU load?

  • Yes – It’s far better :heart_eyes:
  • Yes – It’s a little bit better :blush:
  • No – It feels the same :cry:
  • No – It is worse than before :sob:

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→ For those who answer “No”, could you post a screenshot here of your Station’s (not your computer’s) Process Manager sorted by descending CPU usage?


That would really help us :pray:

(Marc Asmar) #41

I keep coming back hoping new updates fix these issues…great product but these issues are killing us, we are here to help in any way possible.

Thank you