👀 Station is looking for beta-testers of its SDK

(Alexandre Lacheze) #1


Some features of Station have been designed to support extensions via a SDK and that’ll multiply the value for the end user (ie you!).

For instance, we recently worked on the Quick-Switch, and gradually added support for Slack, Google Drive and, recently, Notion.
You can search and jump quickly to your most used Slack channels, Google Drive documents or Notion pages.

It would be great to have similar superpowers with Google Calendar events, Asana’s tasks, Jira issues and so on, right? We plan to open the SDK that powers Slack, Google Drive and Notion integration in Station, and let developers add integration to the Quick-Switch.

We are looking for beta-testers of this SDK and developers willing to give their feedback on how this newly born SDK should be extended.
If interested, please fill this form.


(Alexandre Lacheze) #2

(Yisroel Newmark) #3

I am confused as to in how long the SDK will be available for beta testing. Is that known yet? If so in how long?