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SUMMARY (your need in one sentence)

As an engineering student, developer, and a big Station fan, I want to see you guys pull of the best move and port Station for Ubuntu so that I and many other people who haven’t yet shown the courage to create this topic can enjoy Station on another OS.

GIVE US CONTEXT (tell us about the current experience)

When I switch my OS to Ubuntu, I’m unable to download and use Station. That should cover this bit.

PROVIDE DETAILS (tell us what you are looking to change)

I’d like to see a fully functional (or at least a beta) version of Station for Ubuntu, my go-to OS for programming.

DESCRIBE THE IMPACT (how would it change your experience)

The main advantages for me are:

  • The insanely epic ability to use Trello, Slack, Github, Gmail, Google Keep, and so many more tools on Linux IN A SINGLE APP
  • That’s it

Thank you for creating Station! :grin:

I voted for this question, as I’m dying to put my hands on Station as it looks amazing, but I only work on Linux (Debian and Kubuntu) workstations, at work and on my personal laptop.

I’d only like to add here, we know that you guys are working on it, I’d just love to know if there is an ETA for the first (maybe Beta) version to come ! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Arch user here!
I would be glad to use it on my dev laptop since I’m using it every where else =D !
(and little question: since you are using electron, is the process more complex for linux than for other platforms ?)

Not really, from what I know about how Electron works.

Thank you for your support, though! Happy to be the first guy suggesting this much needed feature :grin:

Definitely, we agree! Station needs a Linux version.

To give some technical context behind this (provided by @joel): yes, it’s simple to build an electron app for Linux. However it’s more difficult to keep it up to date.
Indeed, on Mac and Windows, electron has an auto-update system that makes easy to release and distribute new versions. On Linux, there is no such system: one needs to publish it on package managers. snaps seem to be a solution.

We have not dug enough into it yet and we don’t make it a high prio now, but I guess we might sort things out for the beginning of next year.

It’ll come!


Please let us know if we can help in testing, or anything at all! On Linux we are so dependant on web apps as (understandably) most developers don’t make a native desktop version of their apps for Linux. Station would be a perfect fit.


I just wanted to add my +1 to this request, please include Linux in your Electron builds! :smile: I’m an avid Ubuntu and Raspbian *nix user and I’d really love to use Station on both my Ubuntu workstation and various Pi 3’s as ambient displays. (It could be even more absurdly powerful as a kiosk display setup, if it were possible to auto-switch Station apps after a set delay, i.e. 30 seconds.) Thanks!

I’m on a Linux as well (Arch) and was excited to try Station.

Why not have manual updates on Linux for now? You could simply release packages for major distributions.
This is what I do for my product and it only takes running electron-builder and uploading to S3. Works good enough for the users. The majority of active ones update quickly.

Updating only takes one command depending on the distribution.

I can provide more details regarding the build process, update notifications, or show how it works if you are interested.

Honestly, this being Linux – we don’t really need a system package. You can just provide a zip with the executable and whatever embedded libraries are required. Several packages do this i.e. discord, etc.

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HI there just discovered the app on Producthunt. Looks amazing!

Most linux users are advanced users. I think it would be fine for them to just grab a Zip or an AppImage.

Can’t wait to get hands on Station for Linux.



I might repeat what a few person said above me, but I guess most of Linux users wont be bothered by having to download and build manually the new version to update the software
As a person who daily uses a windows, osx and ubuntu os, I’m really disappointed to have to use an alternative to Station when I’m on linux, that doesn’t perfectly fit what I expect from this kind of software.
So I know this request has been tagged “later”, but I hope you wont wait for all linux distros to implement a native auto-update system to deploy your software on these platforms

Anyway, keep beeing good on building this piece of software up! You did great job

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Any updates on this? I was using Station (and loving it!) on my Mac, but decided to switch to a Linux machine recently.

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Another electron app, Standard Notes, has implemented cross-platform automatic updates for its desktop apps…. I’ve been using that on Linux for some time now!

Really, Linux is the platform for Station, as we are forced to use webapps for so man things. It’s a huge missed opportunity, guys, and very disappointing

Ubuntu or bust.
Why can’t you run this electron app on linux?
Please hurry I only use Mac at home.

Little follow up,
Station just responded to my January tweet

Seriously, why isn’t it on Linux already?

Station look like such an awesome tool for the average developer it almost seems like it was built for it. Probably no one in Linux will mind having to manually update their versions, we are more than used to it. You know what’s more inconvenient than manually updating Station? Not having Station. You are missing out on a huge market of people that could use your tool.

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Like others have stated about a zip, even if you host it publicly behind a /nightly-builds/, /current-build/, whatever sort of URL, someone will write a script to pull it or compare to latest for updating themselves. That would silence the general community rumble w/o costing many resources figuring out the package managers across multiple distros etc.

Check out how oh-my-zsh does it for an example -> A simple curl pumped to sh. It checks for updates with a configurable override, I think it defaults to every wk. Configs and scripts don’t scare us :wink:

Seeing some chatter about you guys which drove me here to check it out, great idea. Looking forward to giving it a spin.

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Another voice crying out for Station on Linux. Will gladly be a test subject. The only thing close to this kind of functionality is Freeter, and it has mostly been abandoned.

Also, I just annoyingly Tweeted about this.

Whenever it happens, thanks for making this, and thanks for even caring that it works for Linux at all.

Same here. Another vote for the Linux port. Looking forward to it whenever it’s available. Thanks for all your hard work.

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I actually do not understand this answer.

Release Station electron app, see how much traction and useage you are getting. and then decide how much time to dedicate for it.

Gather data before making decisions.