Station community is hard to find: no link on website, no link in-app


(Russell Chang) #1

It was hard to find support.
I only had/found emails from you and the link. The website, as you call it, doesn’t have anyother links to get to such things as the community. etc.

(Julien Berthomier) #2

Hi Russel,

Good point. We are currently revamping our website and will have a new version within the next few weeks (with links to the community, FAQ etc.) in it.

Stay tuned!


I too thought this was a bit rediculous. You also make it very hard to log into your discourse. People don’t wanna use google. Just make it so you can login with email. Also, in the app, add an option to this community in dropdown or something.

You go out of your way to hide and make it challenging to contact support / forum… literally… had to dig for this site and when I found it I didn’t even want to login.

(Georges Abi-Heila) #6

A link to the community was added to Station’s help menu in v1.6.0