Station becomes unresponsive after long periods of inactivity / freezes when coming from another app / crashes after resuming from standby

(Huy Khoa Nguyen) #41

New Version released, i will check if they fixed it , if not hope there will be one soon,

(Gabriel T) #42

I updated too and it still happens.

(Mehdi Bellatig) #43

Unbearable lags and freezing here to since 1.36 (still does it on 1.36.1), may be even 1.35 not too sure but it’s unusable as it is, clicking anywhere doesn’t do anything, it take a minute or more to respond :frowning:

I’m on Mojave 10.14.3 Beta

(Huy Khoa Nguyen) #44

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(Huy Khoa Nguyen) #45

Hi, Any news about this problem ? Thanks guys