Station 1.7.0

(Alexandre Lacheze) #1

You can now directly know what’s new in Station from the Help menu: “What’s new in Station”

I sum this up here for the record:


  • User can add a context description to a nudge
  • Integration batch 0.10.0: BetterUp, Coda, 7geese, 15Five, Phabricator, Mode Analytics, Seeqle, SEMrush, Newsify, 10000ft, Seekube, Productive, Side, Paddle, Databricks, Approval Donkey, Mailgun, Avora, SendWithUs, LaunchDarkly, Relay by Goboomtown
  • Added an onbaording tour powered by AppCues
  • Added section with apps used in my team
  • Added an on-boarding step that suggests to add apps


  • Add button for create new tab
  • Changed support icon
  • Teammates sidebar enhanced: switch more obvious, loading state, tooltip


  • Slack integrations became mixed-up after some time
  • PM: Prevent from wrong credentials with blank spaces
  • PM: Better auto login detection / fill-in
  • PM: Add onboarding note

(Jean Baptiste Ronssin) #2

Yeeeah ! Thanks for adding that :champagne:

(Mathias Elmose) #3

Thanks for adding Coda! I get an “Update Chrome” messages instead of a login option.

P.S. Love the new “Add a new page” feature :metal:

(Alexandre Lacheze) #4

Sorry for Coda, we answered it here:

(Alexandre Lacheze) #5

Fixed 1Password connection issues in 1.7.2

(David) #6

Same problem with 1Password for me on the new build…

(David Payne) #7

The Microsoft Teams app has something similar… see image