Station 1.58.1 is here!

Released on: November 7th 2019

:fire:What we added
New apps & features

Support for on-premise applications
You can now add the custom URLs of your on-premise app when installing it (for services like Jira, Slack and many others).

Added a “Clear All” button for download + auto clear download popup after time

:beetle: What we fixed
Squashed bugs

  • Fixed default applications query for onboarding
  • Fixed input field not focusable after AppCues flow (esp. after onboarding)
  • Fixed some cases of 404 after adding a page or an account in Google Drive
  • Notarize application on macOS

Station 1.58.2 is out!

Released on: 2019 Nov 12

:beetle: What we fixed

  • Fixed (tentatively) Google apps not able to load correctly because of a JS error.
  • Fixed Fatal Error while decoding tokens.