Station 1.52.1 is out

Released on: October 7th, 2019

:recycle: What we changed
Revamped stuff

  • Improve Settings > QuickSwitch UI
  • Removed the App Store onboarding tooltip
  • :beetle: What we fixed
    Squashed bugs

  • Fix drag-n-drop tabs in Subdock
  • Fix station freezes when try to drag-n-drop apps in Settings
  • Fixed JIRA active sprint and backlog pages showing blank
  • Most common bugsnag errors fixed
  • Fix subdock is laggy - part 2
  • Fixed scrolling in Settings > My Apps
  • Fixed glitches on Delete account modal
  • Fixed linux download and auto-update
  • That’s really cool, but are you also going to address the massive number of bug reports that have been piling up? I’ve submitted three reports/requests within the past month but never even got the acknowledgement of a developer.

    I’ll just write up the most pressing point here: I’d like to know why I can’t find Station with the search function anymore and why there’s no Station icon available anymore after moving the AppImage

    Station 1.52.2 released with a fix for the subdock that does not open after drag and dropping an icon.