Station 1.51.0 is here

Released on: September 26th

:beetle: What we fixed
Squashed bugs

  • Fixed clipboard past and match style
  • Fix subdock cut when on a app at the bottom of the dock
  • [dev] Unleash errors of main process
  • [dev] Fix devtools

Hello @julien !

Thanks a lot for your announce ! Great job !

Single issue here :
Could you ask your dev or devOps team to update the downloadable AppImage for Linux users on your website ?
There is still a difference in the version available between Linux and other OSs :

Linux users want to help improving your soft too :wink: !

Thanks a lot in advance !
Best Regards

Hello Michaël,

Thanks for reporting this issue, our developers fixed the problem for the version 1.51. It should be working well from now on.
Tell us if that works for you and happy downloading! :hugs:

Hello Maud,
Thanks a lot for the fast answer !

The download issue is clearly solved ! :smile:
…but some elements disappeared on the same time :sweat_smile:
That’s for another ticket.

Station Team, have a nice week ! :wink:

Best Regards

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Creating issues in JIRA clouds is not working. A new window pops-up but drop-down lists are not working.

@Robert_M_Munch Thx for letting us know! We use Jira at Station and it’s working fine on our side. Is it still doing it on the latest 1.52 we’ve released? If so, are you creating a Jira issue from a specific part of the interface? Do you mind sharing a screenshot or GIF?

Thanks a lot