Station 1.5.0

(Alexandre Lacheze) #1

A lot of new stuff in this release!

First of all, Station goest team! If you are logged with your work email, you and your colleagues are now part of a team! Don’t hesitate to invite your colleagues! We’ll reach out to you by email to present what Station for Teams will do for you.

We are improving the team bar that’ll, btw, be released for everyone this week.

Station supports some Chrome extensions: go in the app store and filter by extensions to discover them.

We are looking for beta-tester for our newly integration with 1Password: if you are interested, please fill out this form:

Fixed: Slack was not synchronizing snooze state with Station’s one, that’s now the case.

(Ali Khalil) #2

Thank you for the continuous and wonderful updates.

I like the ‘Chrome extensions’ sections, it got them more visibility now. Still looking forward for 1Password (just registered for the beta testing) and Grammarly (anytime soon?)

Thanks Alexandre,

(Jean Baptiste Ronssin) #3

Yeeaaaaah ! The Team Bar is back :champagne:

(Alexandre Lacheze) #4

Just released a version 1.5.1 that fixed an issue with adding new teams in Slack.

(Bojan Peček) #5

So… the team bar got populated with my Slack contacts but none of them is on Station. Some of them know Station, others do not - I do not intend to invite them, can I remove/hide the bar somehow?

(Jean Baptiste Ronssin) #6

yes indeed :slight_smile: