Station 1.47.0 is out!

Released on: 2019 August 28

:beetle: What we fixed
Squashed bugs

  • Fixed missing Google Drive icons in subdock

It states that some users got access to the workspace feature, if that is true. Can I signup to be a tester for that?


Can i get the Workspace feature?

Having issues after the new update. The whole app kinda broke. Very laggy (>30secs) while waiting for the apps to switch from one to the other. It’s kinda unusable now. Is there anyway to reverse the update on my laptop?

JIRA is not working, OnePageCRM not working.

For both some parts of the pages are not loaded at all or disappear after 1s => Station is not useable with these two apps.

I second this. Why are the release notes here different from in the app?

So I updated Station on an other system and have the same effect that JIRA & OnePageCRM are no longer working.