Station 1.45.1 is out

Released on: August 13, 2019

:fire:What we added
New apps & features

  • Revamped design for the subdock (separation home and pages, count of pages)
  • Drag & Drop of pages in the subdock
  • Shorten subdock with scrollable list
  • New pin behavior (instead of bookmarking)

:beetle: What we fixed
Squashed bugs

  • Issues with finding GDrive documents via the Quick-Switch

:sparkles:New subdock: what’s new?

:art: A new look

Home and opened pages are now clearly separated. We also tell you how many pages you currently have opened in your subdock.


:computer_mouse: Drag & Drop
You can now drag and drop any item within your subdock! Organize them as you wish.


:straight_ruler: Compact size
We’ve reduced the default size it is less bulky, allowing you to scroll through it.


:pushpin: Pin it
Instead of bookmarking, you now pin items to the top of the page


Since I installed the update this morning, the app just keep crashing. Everything is fine and all of the sudden the whole app is a blank page and I cannot do anything but quit and restart. I cannot use the app right now because it keeps crashing every time I switch application.

Hi @Julie_Valet, sorry to hear that, I’ll try to help.
Could you start the Application, open the “Station Developer Tools” (from the Menu: View > Developer > Toggle Station Developer Tools), switch application and reproduce the issue.
Then you can send me a screenshot (through a private message) from the “Console” tab of the Developer Tools to help us debugging the issue.

Station 1.45.2 was released and it fixes several white screen crashes. Please upgrade to latest version!

It continues crashing, can we download a previous version? I cannot work. Thanks.