Station 1.42.1

Released on: May 23

:recycle: What we changed
Revamped stuff

  • Improved performance of the whole application

:beetle: What we fixed
Squashed bugs

  • Fixed Wunderlist not loading
  • Fixed Mixmax login for Gmail accounts

The problem with you guys is that you fix one thing and you create another problem…All my working applications used to appear on the left hand side bar and would automatically fire up when starting Station, with the new update all these applications on the left hand side have now disappeared, and now I have to toggle to each application. I want to have my application icons available so I can easily go to each application. Why do you guys have to mess up everything. How do I get all my applications to appear back open the left hand side bar.

Also, your new update is acting weird some applications are loading and other are not. Before adding new stuff why don’t you stabilise what you have and ensure it works seamlessly. Seriously you are just pissing off customers and making them frustrated. It will be a great platform for productivity if you keep things simple then messing existing work flow…

This is now becoming a continuous issue with your platform, soon I will just quit, its not possible to work like this when your platform is supposed to increase productivity…Please get back to basics!!!

All the icons on the dock station are gone, if I go to my applications to see what I have in the list they are all there but nothing appears on the dock. I am using Apple MacBook Pro, MacOS High Sierra - version 10.13.6…This only started after updating to the new version, not sure anyone else having this issue…I hope you guys fix it quickly as having applications on the dock station is easy to navigate…Please advice urgently on this…

Please advice if anything is being done to rectify the problem.