Station 1.4.0

(Alexandre Lacheze) #1

:mega: Release notes

In this version, we added support for new applications and extensions: Coinbase, Onenote, Aha!, Chatwork,, Codeship, Dynalist, Stride, Lever, and Boomerang!

We fixed the algorithm that makes inactive tab sleep: you should see less loading screens when using your most used applications.

Last but not least, the navigation’s back and forth buttons are making their comeback in Station.

Btw, we are now testing the 1password integration internally: it should be there soon! :slight_smile:

(Drew Templeton) #2

@Alexandre Will the back/forth buttons take me across apps?

(Alexandre Lacheze) #3

In 1.4.1 we fixed this issue:

(Alexandre Lacheze) #4

@drew back/forth will make you navigate in the currently displayed application!

(Drew Templeton) #5

I would love for it to take me through “Station history” rather than “app history”. (Or at least have a setting toggle to choose between those 2 behaviors.)

Here’s why: one of the most valuable attributes of Station is that it brings together important systems so that I can quickly switch between them. In my case, I’m copying & pasting from one app to another all day. I frequently need to retrace my steps across apps rather than within them to get back to where I started.

(Drew Templeton) #6

Last but not least, the Release Notes link is still not working…

Release Notes Link Not Working
(Benny Bowden) #7

But wouldn’t it be quicker to do that via the app selector on the left, rather than clicking the back arrow multiple times? Just like how working in tabs of a browser will not take you back and forth between tabs that you are moving between. I prefer the way it is now, as (mentally) I still separate navigation within Station in terms of the app I’m currently in.

(Drew Templeton) #8

It would be quicker to use the app selector if I could always, immediately remember where I was last. That is frequently not the case.

I should note that I do like using the CMD+[ & CMD+] shortcuts to move back and forth in-app. I just want the ability to set the arrows to operate at one or both levels.

(Nikola Zornić) #9

@drew Ctrl+Tab or I misunderstood what you wanted to do?

(Drew Templeton) #10

Right, so Ctrl+Tab (which is an awkward key combo on mac) moves between your current app and the last one. Cmd+[brackets] moves back and forth within the current app. But there is no solution to move through “true history”.

For example {page 2 of app A} back to {page 1 of app A} to {page 3 of app B} to {page 2 of app B}, etc.

(Drew Templeton) #11

But I get the impression that I’m the only one who cares about this, so it’s a moot point.

(Marc Cooling) #12

Hi all,

First post on here, and just wanted to offer my huge thanks and support, for what you’re doing. This has truly changed the way I work with the array of productivity apps I use on a daily basis.

Keep up the great work!


(Justin Henderson) #13

It seems like I’m updating the app quite often? I recognize new integrations/features are a big part of that. Not sure how much you can divulge but are these pushes critical bug fixes or part of a release sprint?

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