Station 1.39.2

(Joël Charles) #1

Released on: 2019 Mar 07

:beetle: What we fixed
Squashed bugs

  • Fixed “Open Link In a new Page”
  • Fixed broken links opening outside Station
  • Fixed download folder not applied after restart
  • Fixed Google Drive “unable to save file” error

(Benny Bowden) #2

:raised_hands: Thank you!

Just yesterday I had to switch to working in a browser because of this issue. Pulling my most recent Doc back into Station now!

(Cedric Schoenecker) #3

And still no notifications for Messenger on Mac ?..


Can’t get this update for some reason. I’m on 1.39.1 and station says “you have the most recent versions. No new updates.” Any help?

(Joël Charles) #5

Which OS are you using?
You could try to restart your Station and try again, or directly download the last version here


I am on the most recent update now through manually downloading from the website, but my issue persists that makes it impossible to use Google Drive with Station. As soon as I try to open a Google Doc, I receive a popup window which says:

This only occurs in my G-Suite account, not my account.


Can’t you guys charge some money for your app and use the extra budget to fix things faster? Station is so close to perfect, yet the bugs make it unusable for us, particularly for Salesforce. The bug I’m experiencing has been reported for 14 months.

I’ve just paid around $100/license for our team to use Shift, yet the only advantages their app has over yours is that I can login anywhere and get the same settings, the password manager works, and Salesforce works. Besides this, your functionality is heads and shoulders above theirs.

If Salesforce worked, we would already be willing to overlook the other features for the time being and move to Station. Isn’t there some way to get bugs fixed faster?