Station 1.38.1

(Alexandre Lacheze) #1

Released on: 2019 Feb 21

:recycle: What we changed
Revamped stuff

  • Upgraded Electron and Chrome versions
  • Revert Subdock Opening behavior on hover

(Matt Smith) #2


I just updated to the latest version and noticed the old Subdock behavior has replaced the right-click behavior of the last version. I’ve found the right-click action to show the Subdock more-useful than the default behavior. I know that might not be everyone’s preference. Would it be possible to add that behavior back as a setting in the future?

Thanks for your consideration, great job on the app!

(Oliver Solly) #3

Totally agree. 1.38.1 seems to have un-done the fix?! Subdock now very annoying popping out constantly again.

(Richard Guay) #4

Ever since this version was loaded on my system, when I make more than two changes to a Google Spreadsheet, it says there is an error and the page has to be reloaded. This makes working with Google Spreadsheets nearly impossible since I’m adding to it all the time. I’m having to run in an external browser right now with no problems.

(Hein) #5

v1.38.1 and this is not working at all: 'Fixed launch on login button not working.

Station 1.0.7