Station 1.37.x

(Alexandre Lacheze) #1

Released on: 2019 Feb 14 :heart:

:beetle: What we fixed
Squashed bugs

  • Fixed an issue with Google Drive multi-account (if it persists, uninstall GDrive and reinstall it)
  • Subdock pointer was fixed for Windows
  • Fixes on Notion integration
  • Updated 1Password version

(Sanshiro) #2

notion still not working

and why the pointer change when I pass this on the left side bar?

(Diamantino Marques) #3

Just wanted to say thank you for fixing the google drive 404 error. Finally fixed for me! <3

(Erik Teichmann) #4

Not a big fan of the “right click” cursor when I mouse over the dock.

(Cedric Schoenecker) #5

Notifications (Facebook Messenger) Still doesn’t work…

(Alexandre Lacheze) #6

Released 1.37.2 that definitely fixes the login issue with 1Password integration.


Google Drive is still not working for me… I have an enterprise account. Any ideas?