Station 1.25.1

(Alexandre Lacheze) #1

Released on: October 4th 2018

:fire:What we added
New apps & features

  • Added 44 services and 48 new custom apps

:beetle: What we fixed
Squashed bugs

  • Fixed QS hover issues and quick ctrl-tab
  • Fixed Notion Quick-Switch integration

Note Station 1.25.0 will be skipped.

(Jérémy Djk) #2

Can we get the list of new extensions and apps please ?

BTW, the extension/apps page have some display bugs…

(Jeremy Bauer) #3

I’d also enjoy a list of the new services and apps :relaxed: . Hunting through the list and looking for new entries is a little difficult.

(Phil Leroy) #4

You should always post the list with the apps. :smiley:

(Michel Rickhaus) #5

Definitively a list. Even better would be the ability to sort the extensions by date added (or a section “New”)

(Charlie) #6

Listing them would be useful, or indeed a “New” section.

Thanks for adding the suggestions I recently made, so quick too! But I wouldn’t have know had I not looked.

Bit of feedback though, you added “Odoo” under Storage & File Sharing but it is an ERP system and so “Accounting and Finance” is probably the closest.

Thanks for your work.


+1 for new additions to be listed.

(Alexandre Lacheze) #8

Were added:, Zenvest, Planning Center, Canvas, Overleaf, Coggle, Whimsical, Mint, Unbounce, Nirvana, MySMS, Uberconference, Bonsai, Clockify, Google Music , Apple Developer, SendLeap,Odoo, Waffle, Factorial, LastPasss, Vtiger, Base CRM, Temi, Spendee, Crystal, SellerLegend, Jandi, GrooveHQ, RocketLink, Sympli, SendinBlue, Hygger, Zulip, Zoho Email, Planfix, Music for Programming, PagerDuty, Kanbanize, Spotify Artist Analytics, Buxfer, Namely, Steam Chat, Panda

Thanks for your suggestions! Please comment and upvote here: Newly added applications section / sort app store by addition date

(Joshua Miller) #9

Does canvas include being able to use a school account? Because last I tried on a older version(before it decided to update to this just recently) it wouldn’t let me try and use that version of it with my school login and there was no redirect or way to get that to work(and I’m still waiting on a last pass integration in place of the 1password…)