Station 1.20.0

(Alexandre Lacheze) #1

:fire: What we added :fire:

  • In case of issue, you can now “reset” an application
  • Ctrl+Tab can switch across tabs and is plugged to the Quick-Switch
  • Quick-Switch+Slack: added support for private channels

:recycle:️ What we changed :recycle:

  • Quick-Switch+Slack: exclude group conversations with a deleted user
  • Devdocs is now in HTTPS

:beetle: What we fixed :beetle:

  • Fixed some cases of “grey window” issues
  • Fixed Quick-Switch plugins activation/deactivation
  • On start-up, load apps marked as kept in background

(Alexandre Lacheze) #2

(Alexandre Lacheze) #3

We are working on a small issue regarding the Ctrl+Tab following this release: sometimes Ctrl+Tab can lead you to the home page of the last used application instead of leading you to the last used page.
Should be fixed very soon.

(Alexandre Lacheze) #4

The issue mentioned above regarding issues with order of last used pages has been fixed in version 1.20.1 that was just released now.

(Justin) #5

Hi Station team / @Alexandre - Big fan and DAU of the product but this new update has totally destroyed my usage habits of Station. I’m on Mac and use the quick switch between applications all the time - its one of the key features for me. It used to be that when I hold opt+cmd and then arrow I would switch between the applications based on the order of the applications, just like how tabbing between tabs in chrome/browsers works. I love this interaction, but now when I opt+cmd+arrow, it shows the most recent applications. This totally doesn’t work for me because now I have to look at the order that is constantly changing because I jump between applications all the time. Having to relook at the order every time I want to quick switch is disastrous, versus just knowing the order of my applications.

Is there a way I can roll back to when that was the quick switch ability?

Really hope this can be fixed because I’m constantly frustrated now when switching applications.
Thanks - Justin

(Alexandre Lacheze) #6

Hi @justinith,
Good catch! Please note and subscribe to this topic:


As for me, Ctrl + Tab is much more intuitive now as when I work on 2 different google docs, I can Ctrl + Tab to quickly switch between each other, as I would do with alt tab and desktop app: finally all tabs are accessible with Ctrl + Tab! :+1:
Now I wish I could reoder tabs by drag & drop so I can order docs the way is more logical for me (like I do with tabs in Chrome), and workflow will be closed to perfect for me!

To fix the different usage, you should create more options in the settings, so anyone can use the workflow they want. This would be more ubiquitous, and as you have developed both workflow, it shouldn’t be too hard to have both available, no ?