Station 1.17.0

(Alexandre Lacheze) #1

What we added

  • You can now chose what applications should be kept active in background
  • Added 36 new services: Tableau, StaffMe, Procurify, Fresh Service, Android Messages, Wire, Dovetail, Gleam, Amazing Marvin, Yandex Mail, Inoreader, Zalo, Proton Mail, Google Voice, Timely, Mega, Ryver, Fiverr, Tumblr, Nozbe, Yammer,, Spectrum, Dropmark, Remember the Milk, Instagantt, Duolingo, StackOverflow, Google Classroom, Favro, Agile CRM, Nuclino, pCloud, Stencil, ContentStudio, Planable, Diigo, Creately, Awario

What we changed

  • Improved the Quick-Switch relevancy

What we fixed

  • Fixed focus issues in Quick-Switch at startup
  • Fixed several services: Domo, Shopify, FindThatLead
  • Fixed issue with shortcut on Windows
  • Fixed an issue that prevented from removing some applications
  • Several fixes on the Slack integration with Quick-Switch
  • Fixed login issues on todoist, flock, find-that-lead, freshbooks, lucca => try removing and adding back the service

(Alexandre Lacheze) #2

(Phil Leroy) #3

Is there a way to see the 36 new services list? Thanks!

(Alexandre Lacheze) #4

@pleroy I updated original post with the list of added services in this version!

(Michael Clinton) #5

Nice update! Super happy to see the release notes before updating too! I’m a stickler on that and am hesitant to update without knowing what is coming.

(Adam) #6

Tableau added … score! Thanks Station!

(Alexander Schwarz) #7

Unfortunately 1.17 doesn’t work for me right now.

Is there a way to download an older version?

(Alexandre Lacheze) #8

Released version 1.17.1 with a fix on the relevancy algorithm of the Quick Switch’s top-hits.

(Joel Gratz) #9

will there be a release that addresses the issues found here: 1Password not working / not authenticating / wrong credentials

(Brendan Foley) #10

How do we manage background tabs?

This is nice, especially if we can indicate certain tabs SHOULD go to background fairly quickly. I have a Chrome extension (The Great Suspender) for this as it greatly impacts battery life.

Use case: it’s nice to be able to add apps like Slack, but more often than not I have those apps running too. In those cases I don’t need the Station tab to be running. Same for Gmail (I use Spark). It’s nice to have those when you need quick access. This would be even better if Station allowed logging in and restoring tabs to a new Station install on another computer.


A ‘new additions’ section for apps and extensions would be useful (or just listing the new ones in the ‘what’s new’ dialogue).

(Georges Abi-Heila) #12

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