Station 1.16.0

(Alexandre Lacheze) #1

:mega: Release notes


  • Added a “Top Hits” section in Quick-Switch with the most relevant results for you


  • Fixed issues with loading Slack channel in the Quick-Switch
  • Fixed accent-sensitive Quick-Siwtch with Slack channels
  • Fixed focus issues after selecting an item from the Quick-Switch
  • Fixed Whatsapp voice messages mute when in “Do Not Disturb”
  • Fixed issues with Calendar notifications hardly closeable
  • Added the missing Settings menu item on Windows :see_no_evil:


  • Prevent several particular apps from sleeping
  • Reset Quick-Switch results when opening it
  • Better present Quick-Switch results: apps section, limit the results to 10 by section, deduplicate some items
  • First Quick-Switch result is now pre-selected

:beetle: Known bugs

As always, there are a couple of known bugs that are still not solved, be sure to check them out in the “Bugs, support & troubleshooting” category.

(Alexandre Lacheze) #2

Feedbacks welcome on the quick-switch: [Request for feedbacks] Slack integration in the quick-switch

(Alexandre Lacheze) #3

Following this release, we are working on this:

(Alexandre Lacheze) #4

The issue with the focus has been fixed in Station version 1.16.1. Please update your Station.

(Alexandre Lacheze) #5

We just released Station v1.16.2 that fixed an issue that could prevent some users to see Slack channels in Quick-Switch’s results. See [Request for feedback] Slack integration in the quick-switch