Speech to text is not working / Unable to dictate (in Google Google Docs, Dragon Dictate, etc.)

:writing_hand: Brief description of the issue

Thank you for sharing the great app and the community.
My problem is like this.
When I use Text to Speech function on Google Docs, Station will shutdown when I speech.
It occur only in this app.
Google Docs on Chrome will not occur this problem.
My environment is Win10, Japanese. Stationversion 1.40.1

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  • :boom: Issue ā€”

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:writing_hand: Dragon Dictate not working on Mac

My problem is that Dragon Dictate has stopped working in any of the apps in Station on Mac.

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  • :gun: Trigger ā€” Dragon Dictate

  • :boom: Issue ā€” Not working at all

  • :movie_camera: Explanatory gifs/pictures ā€”

  • :desktop_computer: OS version ā€” High Sierra 1013.4

  • :gear: Station version ā€” 1.31.0

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Same here. Definitely a big issue for productivity.

More specifically, Dragon will work when Station is first opened, but once we switch to another window and then switch back, it no longer works. Dragon of course works fine with all other applications. Iā€™m using it right now.

Both Dragon and Station are enabled under Accessibility.

This may be a problem with Electron as a whole. If so, Station developers should urge electron to fix this problem.

We have moved to a new community, you can now follow this topics here:https://station.canny.io/admin/board/bugs-support/p/speech-to-text-is-not-working-unable-to-dictate-in-google-google-docsdragon-dict