Some kind of enhanced copy/paste to avoid switching repeatedly

I often get purchase orders into Gmail as PDF attachments, and then I copy/paste various aspects of the information in the PO (billing address, PO number, invoice email address, customer email address) into an app that processes the purchase. I end up switching back and forth repeatedly for each piece of information, and it is tedious.

There is another feature request for ‘side by side’ apps, but I don’t really want my email to be always side-by-side with the purchasing app, since most emails aren’t for purchases. My thought on a nice way to solve this is some kind of enhanced copy/paste, where I can easily copy several text values to a visible clipboard (I imagine the clipboard showing up in the lower right corner as soon as I copy/paste something). Then, I could go into the Email/PO, copy all 4-5 pieces of information and see them appear in the mini-clipoard, then go to the purchasing application, and either re-copy them, or perhaps just click the text I want to activate it, and paste it where it goes. Then, I would have only one context switch.

I am not sure if this would be useful to others, but I do think it might be a simple/discoverable feature which would simplify the ‘switching back and forth to do multiple copy/paste operations’ scenario. Its something you could detect a user doing, and explain to them that the feature was available. If it proves to be a common need, then some sort of structured/efficient process for transferring information between apps might be a long-term value add for station.


I use Ditto for this purpose. When using the shortcut a pop up window appears (see screenshot below) and the copy-history is shown. Also direct pasting of a ‘position’ with a specific shortcut is possible.


Thanks, I am on a mac, but I imagine there are also similar 3rd party extensions for mac. That said, I still wonder if having it integrated into Station natively would be useful. In a sense, Station created this problem because I can no longer just arrange two windows next to each other easily, which is why I have to keep flipping back and forth. I do wonder if the need to transfer data between apps efficiently is something that could be useful to many station users.

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For the record, there are several apps that do something like I what I am suggesting on mac:

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